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  1. KTMPT

    Omaha Riders!

    Macy is just north of decatur, ne. It is on the indian res. I just saw something on the NOHVA site the other day
  2. KTMPT

    Omaha Riders!

    Does anyone know of that OHV park by Macy?
  3. KTMPT

    Post your workout

    I work out 3x/week: Single leg squats 4x8 push-ups 4x25 power cleans to lunge 4x8 rows 3x10 side bridge with hip abd 3x10 plank 3x30seconds Bike HIIT
  4. KTMPT

    Omaha area riders

    Hit the Pine Ridge enduro this past weekend. It was a total blast with challenging climbs and techincal trails with alot of open riding. It snowed on Friday and Saturday so the traction was great on Sunday. I dropped a tooth on the counter sprocket and couldn't believe the difference. Rode most of it in 3rd gear. Anyway, next year is in Crawford so hopefully that includes the badlands. Now I just hope I get to ride again before next year:)
  5. KTMPT

    Omaha guys 4/16 - Wednesday

    Yeah, I would like to get out this weekend but it is planting season and I am taking my little guy to the red/white game. Would like to get to RV but son-in-law duty calls. Guess I will just prep the bike for the Pine Ridge enduro next weekend. Anyone have any good tips on making a rear tire change easier?
  6. KTMPT

    Omaha Guys!

    I think I am going to get some burn in this weekend as well. I have to work the in-laws farm but will ride at the end of the day. Not sure if it will be the 450 exc or kxf 250.
  7. KTMPT

    Omaha Guys!

    There are canyons in Pine Ridge. The enduro is next month if you want to check them out. I will be there.
  8. KTMPT

    Omaha Guys!

    Thanks for the welcome. I live in Elkhorn. Usually will ride at the river or in-laws farm. If up for a weekend trip will head to a friends ranch in Pine Ridge. Always trails, I don't ride tracks much as my ride is not really set up for it.
  9. KTMPT

    Omaha Guys!

    I am just introducing myself to the board. Been a member at thumpertalk for a while but I usually don't post very much. I am waiting to get out and ride once I get my bike ready. Been a long winter and I am waiting to get out west to ride the Chadron Enduro.
  10. KTMPT

    Riding in Nebraska

    Bruntz For short trips we go to the OHV in Council Bluffs. We also ride in Milford and Tuttle Creek. Long trips we head to the Pine ridge(where I grew up) for a weekend of riding. Not much on the Eastern end of the state.
  11. KTMPT

    C6 C7 Herniated Discs

    FV593 I need more information on your symptoms and deficits to help you out. PM me and I will do the best I can. Jason
  12. KTMPT

    Broken Femur Questions

    I have not seen one in my clinic that bad, but for obvious reasons in that it needs to heal. I have seen other x-rays from orthopedic surgeons I know that show so serious fubar. You have some healing to go by the looks of them, however, I am the rehab guy not the bone collector. "I maybe used, but I ain't used up!"
  13. KTMPT

    DR. MARK Knee pain when running

    What did they do with you in PT? Did they address shoes, orthotics, your foot and hip? If not let me know as IT band can be caused by excessive rotation of the leg which can be due to hip tightness/weakness, over pronation of the foot etc.. Just my thoughts. Thanks, good luck
  14. KTMPT

    Broken Femur Questions

    Dr. Mark, First of all, I respect your opinions very much as you seem to be a good surgeon. Although I cannot understand why you think that I am a Nazi or PT in this case. If this patient with a broken femur showed up in my clinic the last thing on my mind is to "manipulate", so to generalize that PT's will do this is not appropriate. Fractures are a well known contraindication to manipulation and shouldn't be performed. This patient could benefit from a skilled PT to return to work and Mxing upon healing of the fracture. How is a patient going to understand when you tell them to perform closed chained exercises. Maybe one of your "trainers" could enlighten me since you generalize me as not having enough skill to help this person out. I have been riding since 5 and racing since 11 so I know what is required and how to rehab a patient appropriately(just coming off of my own injuries) and I cannot stress enough on how disrespected I felt with the Nazi comment. I have come across some less than skilled ortho surgeons in my day but do you see me comparing them to you. NO. The the person with the wonderful fracture. Great x-rays. I would concur that with your reported range of motion that therapy would not be warranted at this time. Upon healing, even 1-2 visits with a skilled PT would help guide you with the proper exercises to increase balance, range of motion, endurance and strength.
  15. KTMPT

    How many grew up riding??

    Started on a jr50 at 5, began racing enduros at 11, quit at 14 to play basketball which went through college. Went to grad school(no money), attended Pontiac supercross in 1998 and I was hooked again. Graduated 6 years ago and been back on a bike ever since. Still ride with my dad(57). My 1 yr old son already has a pw50. He will start around 4 if I can get his mother to ok it. This year is my first year witha new bike since I was 13. 05 450exc was on a 96 Husaberg 400.