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  1. floridaflash

    yz125 piston destroyed again

    are you running the spacer for the spark plug that came from Pro Circuit? When they do the head on a Yamaha you have to run the spacer or the plug will be to close to the piston.
  2. floridaflash

    What's your opinion on Yamalube???

    been using it since the 70s, also a true fact, team Honda ran Yamalube R in the 80's
  3. floridaflash

    overheating yz crank?

    that is normal, it is a heat treat process
  4. floridaflash

    Proper Break-In (YZ125)

    there is nothing to break in, all you are trying do to is to get the ring to seat, best way is to not break it in, just run it, I have not broke in an engine in over 20 years and have never had one fail.
  5. floridaflash

    Chain adjuster lock nut frozen

    on the bottom of the swingarm is a hole, spray some lube on the bolt thru that hole. When you put it back put some good waterproof grease on the threads
  6. floridaflash

    yz250 head bolt tourqe specs

    18 foot lbs
  7. floridaflash

    swap carb and vf3 from 05 to 06 yz125???

    yes, they are the same
  8. floridaflash

    need major HELP!

    if I was you I would make sure it is cracked, like I said there are a lot of casting marks on them that can look like cracks
  9. floridaflash

    need major HELP!

    are you sure it is cracked, there are some casting marks on the Yamaha's that can look like cracks
  10. floridaflash

    Issues with my rebuild, ANY HELP?

    if your shift forks showed more wear on one side then the other they are bent
  11. floridaflash

    Issues with my rebuild, ANY HELP?

    were the shift forks bent?
  12. floridaflash

    v force three reed petals

    yes you need new ones, you are loosing seal, which means the charge is flowing back into the carb
  13. floridaflash

    OEM piston

    actually as more time is put on a piston the skirt will collapse, if you measure at the same points before you put it in then after you take it out you will see the difference. On the 250 that is why the intake side of the piston cracks where the port is, from the time you start it, it is going down hill from there
  14. floridaflash

    OEM piston

    when you put it together it is race ready, I have broke an engine in since 1980, with 0 failures, trust me on this the factories don't break motors in either, they buld them then race them. They are at the best when new.
  15. floridaflash

    Bent radiator on YZ 125 *picture inside*

    I would not run one that bent, as you can see 2 rows of cooling fins are closed off