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  1. bodytech

    Save Your Money - EFI Programer

    AMA411....Thank u for bringing some good reasoning to this...we have been testing the programmer for a while now at the dealership and it the greatest thing to hit this game in awhile. This is so much more advanced than the power commander...just set it up like u want it run...sweet deal.
  2. bodytech

    Last and proud of it

    and in 1982 i stood in the face of a 82' CR250, being totally amazed that it was water-cooled and wondering how a motorcycle could get any more advanced!!!! Last nite i programmed my 2009 KX450 from a computer to meet my requests for how i want the power delivered....and it was HONESTLY like riding a totally different machine!!!!! now where do we go?? These bikes are WAY better than any of us so forget nick-nacks and doo-dads...go ride
  3. bodytech

    kx450f woods? pros and cons

    Heres a tip from Matt Leach..if your serious off roader you know who he is, your machine is delivered with the ignition mapping set about in the middle to upper middle of the scale...be patient on delivery of the mapping software and program map #1 your done. go hit the woods
  4. bodytech

    2009 KX 450 Modification Plans???

    These bikes are sick right outta the box......i;; install the correct springs for my bodyweight...call it good and learn to ride it...im an old AA and im light years away from needing any mods, just more time in the seat,save your money on shiny doo-dads and ride the hell out of her. just my .02
  5. bodytech

    08 300xc for montesa

    hey my friend..thank you for responding...which Scorpa do you have? SY250 or SY250F??
  6. bodytech

    08 300xc for montesa

    I am considering trading my pristeen 08 KTM 300xc for a Montesa 4rt...I could sit here and type all the extras and 800.00 suspension tuning and on and on. we all know that those adds are only worth what the buyer thinks they are..mine is perfectly maintained and very low hrs. I am interested in trading for a Montessa 4rt trials bike. I already have a Sherco 3.9 which I am very happy with..just want to add a 4 stroke. If any of you have a Montesa that you are considering getting rid of hit me up here...My machine will bring 5500.00 so that can give you an idea. Thank you for reading this.