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  1. Precision50

    Timmy Ferry Update

    I believe Ryan Villopoto bought Ferrys house and land.???
  2. Precision50

    ***SPOILER*** 2009 US Open Results ***SPOILER***

    He can/could Ride a KTM 450 if he chooses... but he wants to make a Impression in europe..so he said in his interview during the Mx of nations He also realizes that SX is not his game..... I bet he will race In Europe MX 1 in 2011 for a world championship
  3. Precision50

    2010 YZ450 Stewarts bike...pics

    Lost ALL respect for him that he did not even race 1 MX or even defend his MX Title.. he thinks more about his reality TV show comming out in March more than racing...thats GAY !!!!
  4. Precision50

    ***SPOILER*** 2009 US Open Results ***SPOILER***

    Mike Alessi..Signed a OUTDOOR ONLY Contract with RED BULL KTM and will be riding a KTM 350 in 2010 He is how ever going to be racing SX and MX races in Europe till may comes around
  5. Precision50

    New Look on the SGR/SSR 150R

    Looks great....! hows it goooooo..?
  6. Precision50

    JOHN DOWD!!!! *Spoiler*

    23 yrs in a row attending the WICK and Was the Best racing ive seen National wise for sometime... weather wise awww not so bad if you like rain... Big Props go out to the Local boys who showed the Factory guys what riding @ the beach is all about. DOWD, BARCIA and MARSHALL.....Local Tallent at its best
  7. Precision50

    Question about Southwick

    85% of the 450 Class is out with injurys....well the Locals have a shot now this will be my 23rd year in a row attending....
  8. Precision50

    Does anyone know if this part will fit???

    thank guys..
  9. Precision50

    Does anyone know if this part will fit???

    I realize this this is why im asking, the add says it will fit up to 07 cr250 the subframe is a for a 2002 cr125
  10. Hey, need to know ASAP or will lose out on a deal... will a 2002 Honda CR125R sub frame fit a 2003 Honda CR250R... I know the part numbers are different but how much different can they be..alot of the 2002 parts fit 2003... anyone know for sure Thanks
  11. Precision50

    Bellingham Indoor Motocross

    MotoTown going out of business and falling on its face...had a lot to do with the enormious size of the Facility and the Management. was a awesome place to Ride and race the Masters of Mini events there as well. would of had a 2009 MoM event there but Greed "almost Triple" of what we paid to do the first 2 years events keep them out of the Loop..... The Bellingham Facility will be a Plus IMO to the area we need Legal Places to Ride in Mass!
  12. Precision50

    Tbolt - what jet kit?

    a Parts unlimited dealer or sudco.com
  13. Precision50 #41 450 Class 33 22 29 9 539 Fastest Qualifier 22 250 Class 10 377 39 411 24 Fastest qualifier 10
  14. Precision50

    Lifan 138 timing issue?

    you can still get a spark with a bad coil or CDI box
  15. Precision50 450 class 800 33 22 21 29 Fastest Qualifier 22 250 class 377 10 151 411 39 Fastest qualifier 151