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  1. alien

    Eric Gorr 144

    the last big bore 125 kit we did was back in the early 90's but I do remember going leaner on both main and pilot jets. you are now pulling much more air through the carb and that draws more fuel just like smoking joe said. it didn't make sense at first but eric explained how the carb worked then we went several sizes leaner without fear.
  2. alien

    14-53 gearing

    has anyone tried using 14-53 gearing on their kx 450f to slow the wear on the upper swing arm pad ? will that gearing have any clearance issues on the countershaft sprocket? It's time for new chain and sprockets and this would be a good time to try it if it fits.
  3. alien

    question about mid valve

    I am a 220 lb. vet pro mx on a 2014 kx 450 and was running 28 psi in the forks with stock valving. at 32-34 psi my wrist hurt after a few laps. I installed the .33 balance springs and changed to 2.5 wt.oil now I run 32-34 psi and it feels the same as when I used 28 psi but with the added bottoming resistance. I would like to try the replacement midvalve from SDI , anyone have any experience with this part?
  4. alien

    question about mid valve

    some of your harshness could be a result of running 38 psi . at that pressure the seals are gripping the tubes pretty tight causing considerable stiction and they will feel harsh at slow speeds.
  5. No my forks are still bone stock. I am planning on having them revalved by Enzo when I get some downtime. I have only logged about five hours on this bike, I got in in December of last year when Kawasaki had the big rebate. I'm not saying these forks are good at 28 psi ,just not the jack hammers they were at 34 psi. I was trying to get the same feel as my yamaha yz 450 forks had. The kx 450 forks need less low speed compression and a lower oil level to make the higher psi settings work, much the same problem as the new 2015 Honda 450 forks. just changing to 2.5 wt. oil helps. I second the suggestion about the over sized front rotor. one of the first mods I made . i'm using the 280 mm ebc. has anyone else noticed the shock linkage rubs due to lack of clearance and causes drag?
  6. congrats on the new bike. I think you will be very happy with it. I am a 220 lb. vet A class rider that races mx. I don't run stock 32-35 psi in the forks rather I use 28 psi and do not have a problem with bottoming . at 28 psi the forks feel plush and will not jack up your wrist. try it ,you can always add more air. I use the stock 5.5 spring on the shock and back the rebound out to 24, sag at 105mm.
  7. I live on a large lot that backs up to a small patch of woods. I would like to build an arena cross track behind the house to ride from time to time . I machined a plug with a 3/4'' opening and pressed it into the opening of the silencer on my 2010 yz 450. It is now much quieter, more like a utility four wheeler. Is there any danger of having too much backpressure? I would hate to blow out a crank seal or head gasket. Is there a better way to get the sound down to a level that the neighbors could live with? Thank you for any help.
  8. I don't know about HRC but I think my yz is bulky. I have the cycra shrouds and it is a little better but it should be thinner by far. The yamaha would be easier to turn in tight spots and ruts if your leg wouldn't have to stick out so far to the side. If JGR develops new thin shrouds I hope the put them up for sale. Just to test my theory I removed the shrouds totally and made a few easy laps and the bike was much more comfortable and I could tuck my knee in better and get the bike to lay over with less effort.
  9. alien

    crack in swingarm 2010

    I could take a picture but will have to get some help posting it. The crack is just above the bracket welded on for the lower chain guide on the inside of the swingarm. It starts about one inch foward of the axle block. After welding will it need to be stress releaved in the oven or something ?
  10. I searched and could not find any thing on this subject. I noticed a hair line crack on the chain side of my swingarm. It's about four inches long running longwise. Has anyone been sucessful repairing a crack on the swingarm? How common is this?
  11. alien

    10+ YZF and top pros..

    I have had a 2010 for seven months and just now got used to it. I had enzo revalve it and lower the rear, also stiffer springs front and rear. I can say this is now a great bike. I am faster on this bike than I was on the 08 yz 450. Is the bike great stock? No. The 06-09 bikes were race ready out of the crate but with proper setup the 10-11 bikes are better. If I could make one request of yamaha it would be to slim the bike down in the gas tank area. For a tall rider it is hard to get up over the front and stick it in a berm with the shrouds so wide.
  12. alien

    2011 yz450f springs for 220lbs?

    I'm 6' 225 lbs and with stock suspension I ran .49 up front and a 5.3 on the shock. With revalved suspension I am running .5 in the forks and 5.9 on the shock with the rear lowered 10 mm and 110 mm sag. The low speed comp. is much softer on the reworked shock and needed the stiffer spring.
  13. I use the new cycra shrouds with the stock exhaust and air filter. I also am running the jay marmont map. I noticed no change in power or need to change the fuel setting with these shrouds. I bought them to slim down the bike between my knees which they do. They may boost the power with a better flowing exhaust but the stock system holds the power back too much for these to help. I am very happy with them for the way the bike feels.
  14. alien

    Arenacross testing/tuning?

    to setup for real SX you would change the base valve stack shims from the stock .11 thickness to .25 x 5 on the face shims and .2 thickness on the rest while increasing the clamping shim 4mm in dia. That is just a place to start. It sounds stiff but that is what the Pros use only they go even stiffer.
  15. alien

    2010 Linkage Pull Rods

    How will the longer linkage differ from the top out plate that shortens the shock lenght by 3 mm? Enzo sells the plate for $40 and it's claimed to lower the rear by 10mm. I need to go with one or the other. Anyone the enzo part?