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  1. rs4s4

    2006 ktm 250sx for trails?

    The 300XC has also different ignition than the XC-W. Randy
  2. rs4s4

    Offroad ?

    Has anybody done a lot of offroad/ Single track stuff on there 450 yet? Thanks Randy
  3. rs4s4

    CR 85 big bore kit?

    Have you done this mod? Randy
  4. rs4s4

    CR 85 big bore kit?

    Yea could get her a KTM 105, but I can get a new CR85 expert for 2550.00 out the door with tax. Randy
  5. rs4s4

    CR 85 big bore kit?

    Looking to buy my wife a bike, KX100 or do they have a big bore kit for the Expert CR85? Thanks Randy
  6. rs4s4

    Starting the 450

    I will be riding the KX450 1/2 wood and 1/2 track, mostly single track. Once stalled how easy will the bike restart? Randy