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  1. madmatt

    Trail Etiquette- do your part.

    Try to keep someone with more experience and knowledge in the back of the pack. And don't always make the same guy ride the "sweeper" role, we all want the rail too. And I agree this thread is mandatory reading in order to deal with the weekend warriors, little tikes, horses?, mules, and might I say quads.
  2. madmatt

    Rain! everywhere

    Well its probably raining everywhere in CA. I know that even the sandy stuff at Hollister is snotty. And you can forget about the clay sections. If the weather isn't to bad for the next couple of days we will try to ride Hollister Hills on Thurs. RIDE ON! (if you can)
  3. madmatt

    wr450 carb leaks gas

    Thanks. I will try your method. If that fails I will buy a new carb. Yeah right the list price for a carb is almost $1200.00. You can buy a 350 chevy motor for that, are you kidding me.
  4. I cleaned a completely varnished carb the other day, put it back together and now when I turn on the fuel the bowl fills with gas and flows out the overflow. Could it be the needle valve attached to the float? I pulled it apart again and the float moves freely, but the black rubber cone of the needle valve does nothing when the (spring loaded) pin is pressed by the float? Should the rubber cone move to stop fuel from entering the carb? Did I blow out an O ring or something. If anyone else has had this happen, help me out.
  5. madmatt

    Stonyford ride Tuesday the 17th

    Looks like we will wait a week or so. Thanks
  6. madmatt

    Stonyford ride Tuesday the 17th

    A group of us (stonyford virgins) are riding stonyford the 17th (weather permitting). We are only coming up for the day, from Santa Cruz. Where do you guys recommend we ride? Looking at the maps it looks like we would be coming in off Hwy 20 somewhere. We are all up for an adventure with intermediate to advanced terrain. I have heard a lot of really good things about this place here on thumpertalk.com.
  7. madmatt

    KX 65 fuel leaking?

    When my son rides his 65 I notice fuel dripping from the bike. I know it is from the carb, but what causes this? Is it jetting or something else in the carb? Any ideas, please help.
  8. New trails at hollister will be accessed near the quad track and "probably" opened this spring. The paved parking area and new toilet accross Cienega Rd. are for the new 4x4 area. When leaving hh and driving down the hill look up and out the left and you may notice some of the new trail work we will be riding come spring.
  9. madmatt

    MRD for Honda

    Aahh the set screw, I will look for that tomorrow when I get home. Man, that is killer if it is that easy. Chills thats 2 for 2 regarding my ?'s tonight. thanks
  10. madmatt

    torque specs a.s.a.p. thanks

    Thanks chills for the offer, but I was able to get a hold of a friend with a manual.
  11. madmatt

    torque specs a.s.a.p. thanks

    That is where I'm at right now, thanks
  12. madmatt

    MRD for Honda

    I've had one of these pipes for a couple of months now, really like the power increase over stock. Oh and the stainless looks sweet with that gold tint it gives the pipe after use. Thanks dave for the superior product. Hey Dave, I also got the quiet insert from you but can't seem to make it fit. I think I need to remove the aluminum sleeve in the endcap, if that is the case is there an easy way?
  13. madmatt

    Jawbone next week

    Large group of us heading to Jawbone and surrounding areas next week. How are the conditions down there? One day a few of us are going to California city Mx track, that place looks fun.
  14. Hey I just drained my oils. Right now I am putting the oil drain plug and trans drain plug back in could anyone give me the torque for both of these bolts. Also the oil filter cover bolts. I left my manual at home (duh). Thanks for the help.Matt
  15. madmatt

    Canadian nationals announcers

    Yep they keep you interested for sure, unlike the nerd that sits with Emig on the speed network.