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  1. 505Fire

    2010 questions

  2. 505Fire

    Who got the best looking -08/09 ?

    Nice looks good! Bandanna style but unique!
  3. 505Fire

    2010 questions

    Hey few questions if anyone knows. On the 2010 it says it has an improved cam chain tensioner and an improved kick starter. How are they improved over the 08-09's? Does the tensioner make it quieter or make the cam chain last longer? Does the kick starter make for more leverage for an easier kick? Because that would be sweet since the 08 can be a little hard to kick over when you stall it towards the end of a 2 hour race? I found this article http://media.suzukicycles.com/en/~/media/PressKits/2010_RMZ450_Preso.ashx from a google search and it sounds like the cam chain tensioner just has a stiffer longer spring, but I'm not sure if there are other differences. Couldn't really tell what the difference is in the kick starter.
  4. 505Fire

    Who got the best looking -08/09 ?

    Love my new graphics. Thanks AXIS! Everyone check them out great company great owner! Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?cropsuccess&id=100000431137513#!/pages/Logan-UT/Axis-Graphics/152668878250?ajaxpipe=1&__a=37
  5. 505Fire

    Nuetech Tubliss.... becoming a fan

    Ha ha yeah mine was sitting because I shattered some bones in my foot.
  6. 505Fire

    Nuetech Tubliss.... becoming a fan

    I love my Tubliss system! My bike sat from October to mid February and I only lost 20 psi on the high pressure side and only 2 psi on the low pressure side. This is with a heavily worn back tire and a front tire that was mounted on another bike before I threw it on mine. I have ran some rough rocky races with this system and never had problems.
  7. 505Fire

    Loudmouth Intake question

    Changed the sound on mine too. I don't notice it anymore though.
  8. 505Fire

    Best How To DVD

    Off Road with Nathan Woods was good! Only one I've seen though.
  9. Hit a coyote one day on a trail it wasn't very fun. I flipped over the bars and hit the ground hard. The coyote though just ran off no problems at all lol.
  10. 505Fire

    Loudmouth intakes... worth the money?

    I love mine. Makes it so easy to swap filters and my air box stays super clean since I have the wash cap. When I installed it I could notice a small improvement on top and a little more response off the bottom but not a huge difference.
  11. 505Fire

    Chain+ Case= PROBLEM!!!!!!!

    Lots of moto shops carry it. Just go to your local shop and ask or look around through all the accessories at the shops. It comes in a little tube.
  12. 505Fire

    Chain+ Case= PROBLEM!!!!!!!

    Have someone weld it or get the aluminum case patch stuff
  13. 505Fire

    Long range tank for fuel injected 450

    Nothing that big. The biggest you can get is 2.6 from IMS
  14. 505Fire

    Farmington users please read!!!!!!!!

    Help out please!
  15. A lot of the problems seem to be stemming from the current Ranger. He is definitely making things difficult for the responsible users of the area.