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  1. I just bought a 2006 CRF 250R for $5,077 in Athens, TN.
  2. So your saying mine our ruined on a BRAND new 2006 CRF 250R? lol........
  3. Mine smokes too, i dont know if that is normal but it does stop like yours, mine is brand new though so hopefully it isn't anything bad
  4. It was the jets:) its all fixed now, thanks for all the support guys
  5. Are you pulling the hot start in?? That lets out the compression in the cylinder so it's easier to kick over.
  6. Milky oil? Doesn't that mean anti freeze is getting in your engine? Check you water pump gasket and around it, if I'm wrong please correct me.
  7. Yea, i think its normal, does it do it too when you engine has been ran awhile? Mine did it only when i was first trying to start it, then when it got warmed up i cloud pull the clutch in and it would move.
  8. Wow, they lowered the price on that 06 CRF250R! now its $5,077!!!!! should have bought mine the day after.........
  9. I just now called the local shop, they said it's the jettings! he said that he had to work on 22 2006 CRF250R at the race that had the same problem.. So hopefully thats the problem!
  10. I'm positive that i didn't get any water in the exhaust because i had plugs in both exhausts
  11. Woops, did a typo on the title! sorry its a CRF 250R
  12. I just got my 06 3 days ago and took it out to the local track the next day, rode AWESOME! But, i came home to wash it and after i was done washing, went to start it..... didn't even start. Check the Airfilter, Spark plug, and the electrical stuff. Any solutions?
  13. I just got my 06 3 days ago, went to the track the next day, the bike was awsome handled perfect. After that i went to go wash it, went to start it and wouldnt even start. Ive checked the plug, air filter, and the electrical. Any solutions to this problem?
  14. Ive been having problems with mine, the 1st day i rode it..... Won't start.. lol. We have checked the spark plug for spark, and airfilter. I rode it for about 20 min then went to wash it. After i washed it, wouldn't even start. Anybody have any solutions?
  15. 4lbs lighter?? more like 4lbs lighter in your wallet!