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  1. I have a Becker bk2 that rides in my pack. Massive overkill but its fun. Google it
  2. where are you out of? Can you ride during the week ever?
  3. u end up rolling out? It was a hot one in SLO today
  4. ive had this happen before. take the cap off the top of the carb. i bet the slide is jammed wide open and has smashed the spring flat so its binding against itself. pull the slide out and the spring should open back up with some encouragement takes about 5 min to fix
  5. That may be the best looking bike I've ever seen That may be the best looking bike I've ever seen
  6. awesome advice guys. If i was racing still id probably go 250f. I'm going to keep the 2 stroke. Thanks!
  7. just like the title says, what are your opinions, both bikes are clean. like really clean. the yz250 is mine, another dude wants to trade the 250f.......... ive ridden the 250fs a lot and i really like them..... it would be 90% trail bike
  8. supercross

    ive been thinking about this for a while. I like the idea of a restrictor plate as it is something that can be universally added. for example everyone's intake has to breathe through a 20mm diameter restricor, for the record that number was pulled out of thin air, i have no idea the proper size...... However i think there is a better and easier idea that will actually lead to some trickle down to the consumer market that could get the OEM's on board My idea.......... Rev limits in the 250f class and significant sound reduction in the 450 class 250f class limit the redline to 11.5k or 12k. This is currently being done in the MOTO3 class with great success. OEM's are still building impressively fast bikes that last a long time. In Moto3 the rev limit was introduced to increase longevity of the engines. this would be an added benefit for motocross along with taming the power. 450f class limit the sound, and throttle body diameter. smaller diameter throttle body will increase lowend power and decrease topend. restrictive exhaust will decrease power as well. To encourage exhaust companies to get on board and follow the rules a minimum exhaust weight rule could be put in place...... there could also be a spec ECU ala world superbike and MOTOGP. I think this is a fun thought experiment. what does everyone else think?
  9. its getting bad everywhere. the barrier to entry is very low with those things. I dont have an answer other than ride where they cant go or ride during the week if possible
  10. update- Just couldn't justify the money on something that wasn't all that fun......... Bought a Boosted Board V2+ instead. Some of the best money I've ever spent!!!!!!! Thanks for all the input guys. MTB just isn't for me
  11. pozo is the only legal place around there. You can ride in the river bed buts its technically not legal. pozo can be pretty fun when the weather is right. Just about everything around here is private property and has been for a LONG time
  12. 2-butoxyethanol i run a commercial ultrasonic cleaner in my boat shop, we do 10-20 carbs a week. we buy the cheap blue degreaser from smart and final works incredibly well and i really cheap. just make sure you change the fluid when it starts to loose its performance. trust me, it works incredibly well!
  13. California

    wtf is up with the pick of the cop with his rifle in that dudes face?!?!?!?!
  14. that is pretty funny. sounds like a bunch of foreigners got lost behind some locked gates, a few of them ran out of gas and they all threw in the towel. lol. At least it wasnt because someone was hurt!
  15. i am definitely going to buy a used bike. New bikes are just outrageous in price