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  1. Dirtymutt9

    Castillo Ranch MX

    I too would like to know. I have a feeling Vital might have more info on this
  2. Dirtymutt9

    Dusty and Smokey Race at Hollister Hills

    what garmin device are you using for the info? That looks like so much fun last time i was on the hollister GP track i left in a helicopter! lol Bad times!
  3. Ive got a 2000 E350 with a 7.3 in it. just put a built trans in. It has 294k on it. I plan on keeping it forever
  4. Dirtymutt9

    2001 E-350 14 Pass. Van Build

    right on man!!!! MotoVans are THE way to go Good job on sticking with it and getting it finished!
  5. Dirtymutt9

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    this is exactly why my buddies and i got into minibikes. Just as much fun but 1/3 speed 1/3 the height on jumps.
  6. Dirtymutt9

    99 rm250 wiring question

    the issue that i was origionally working on was a lack of spark as well. It turned out to be a broken male pin in the connector that went to the coil. It was NOT an easy thing to figure out! If you can get another harness off of ebay if you can find one cheap
  7. Dirtymutt9

    99 rm250 wiring question

    If the cdi is the same as the 99 then it likely is. I can't remember if the 99-00 share the same cdi or 98-99. You might want to look into the part numbers and see
  8. Dirtymutt9

    Will Direct Injection...

    direct injection will keep 2t bikes alive. It wont add any more power or performance other than tune ability. Electric is the next major advancement in my opinion. But then again, Im just a douche on the internet
  9. Dirtymutt9

    Flywheel weight vs retarded timing.

    i retarded 2 degrees and went with an 11oz weight. each one is a nice mod and they seem to compliment eachother. I did the retarded timing before the FWW and liked the smoothness on the bottom end, adding the FWW just made it better
  10. Dirtymutt9

    pozo tuesday

    I rode yesterday, it was fantastic. no puddles no mud just GRIPPY. no reason for them to close anything the dirt is perfect! If you can make it in the next day or two before it dries out i HIGHLY suggest it
  11. Dirtymutt9

    pozo tuesday

    waiting till tomorrow for the rain.......
  12. Dirtymutt9

    pozo tuesday

    gonna be in pozo tuesday. Its supposed to rain Im gonna ride no matter what Hit me up if you wanna roll!
  13. Dirtymutt9


    Ill be riding in the rain on tuesday, I'm stoked!!!
  14. Dirtymutt9

    KX125 at Glamis

    dude at your size a 125 will be so much fun out there!!!!!! Be careful of idiots in side by sides.
  15. Dirtymutt9

    WTF my tire turned green!?!

    Have you been making out with dudes?