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  1. Dirtymutt9

    KX125 at Glamis

    dude at your size a 125 will be so much fun out there!!!!!! Be careful of idiots in side by sides.
  2. Dirtymutt9

    WTF my tire turned green!?!

    Have you been making out with dudes?
  3. Dirtymutt9

    Glamis New Years 2007/2008

    you best bet would be to post this on the glamis info site or d37. lots more locals view those pages.
  4. Dirtymutt9

    Wiseco's Garage Buddy: Complete Engine Rebuild Kits for Dirt Bikes!

    I assume these kits are rotating assemblies only correct? No valve train components for 4 strokes?
  5. Dirtymutt9

    Welding YZ250 cases

    those welds look damn decent to me! good job!
  6. Dirtymutt9

    New custom look for stock pipes!!! DIY

    that looks great!
  7. if you primarily ride dunes you will wear that 250f out really fast. im 165 and have had lots of fun in the dunes on a 250f, but i was screaming it the entire time. I enjoy my 250 2 stroke wayyyyyy more
  8. jb weld wont hold. your only bet is to have that welded. it might be able to be brazed. what bike is it? i new(used) cylinder might be cheaper than having it welded or brazed
  9. Dirtymutt9

    Riding with knives

    I have a Becker bk2 that rides in my pack. Massive overkill but its fun. Google it
  10. Dirtymutt9


    where are you out of? Can you ride during the week ever?
  11. Dirtymutt9


    u end up rolling out? It was a hot one in SLO today
  12. Dirtymutt9

    CRF50 crashed....Question

    ive had this happen before. take the cap off the top of the carb. i bet the slide is jammed wide open and has smashed the spring flat so its binding against itself. pull the slide out and the spring should open back up with some encouragement takes about 5 min to fix
  13. Dirtymutt9

    Lets see The Rm's

    That may be the best looking bike I've ever seen That may be the best looking bike I've ever seen
  14. awesome advice guys. If i was racing still id probably go 250f. I'm going to keep the 2 stroke. Thanks!
  15. just like the title says, what are your opinions, both bikes are clean. like really clean. the yz250 is mine, another dude wants to trade the 250f.......... ive ridden the 250fs a lot and i really like them..... it would be 90% trail bike