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  1. Hello all, I have a bazillion photos from the NETRA Tuxedo Ridge and Mountain Lion Mayhem races that were held last month. If there are any riders out there who raced these races, PM me your class and number (e.g., C200 #2434) and I will forward you photos, if I have any. I want to distribute these photos and delete them from my harddrive. For Round #3 I have pics from the pro race, B/A/AA. For Round #4 I have a few pics from the mini class and tons from the pro race. Sorry, no novice pics. I race that class. Thanks for looking! -tedz0r
  2. I would suggest a KDX as an excellent beginner bike. It can be ridden really slow and has a managable powerband for tight trails. When they open up, you can really get on it. The only thing that I would watch out for is the tall seat height. I don't have a problem [6'5"] but some of my friends find it uncomfortable. If you get into any hairy off-camber situations it's good to be able to touch the ground!
  3. I've dabbled at mx tracks with my KDX a few times. Though it's fun, I would not recommend putting money into the bike to prep it for mx riding. You'd would probably be better off buying a used 125 for track use and keep the KDX in the woods. That's where it really shines. I'm 185lbs w/ gear and I find that the rear shock is suited nicely for woods riding and moderate jumping. The front is terrible, though. If I was planning on keeping the bike any longer, I would try some re-valving and switching out the springs. As far as your choice for exhaust, I went with a PC Platinum 2. Excellent overall power gain, though it did lose some power down low, don't worry, it'll still haul up any hills. I left the silencer stock. It works well and is freaken quiet, too.
  4. YEAyah TTR.
  5. Wow. That is a great story. I thought I was kinda special riding when it was 0 out...I will never think that again. Thanks for that awesome post.
  6. Awwww snap! Thanks.
  7. Ahhh the KDX... I have never had a complaint on mine and could vouch for it being one of the largest bang for the buck bikes out there. You can find them used for ~2000, put a pipe on and BAM go ride for cheap. That new 2 stroke law is really going to hurt, though.
  8. 02 KDX200 -What did it take to get KX forks on that?
  9. Yeah, when the deep stuff hits, you have to break out the beasts. Prairie650