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    DRZ Wheel Swap?????

    Is $450 a good deal? I might have a set for sale and was wondering what they would be worth.

    Price of DRZ wheels

    I am thinking about selling my DRZ. I was offered a fair price for it, but the buyer wants the SM setup only. I was wondering what the average selling price is for a set of stock DRZ wheels. They are complete except rear rotor. MT21 front tire and Trakmaster rear with about 500 miles.

    What is my bike worth?

    I have a great idea . Tell the wife it is not worth anything. Keep it and the Fatboy. What do you think? Sounds like a better idea than selling it.

    What is my bike worth?

    I have an 01 DRZ400S 3200mi. Super clean, I won't say mint because it has been ridden, but it is very close. Yosh RS3 exhaust, stock wheels with street legal knobbies, SM setup currently on bike(gold talon hubs, black excel rims, SM speedo drive, acerbis front fender, regeared for Sm wheels, less than 200 mi on this setup, 320mm EBC rotor with stock caliper and relocation bracket), blue Tag T2 bars CR hibend. 3X3 mod, Carb rejetted per Burn's directions (DynoJet kit) for my location in IL. I bought a Harley and my wife says this bike must go. Bike has never been down. Previous owner had it off road 2 times and I have only rode it in an open field behind my house twice. Other than that street ridden only. I have no idea what it would be worth. Any help would be appreciated. Like I said bike is not new but it looks very close and I am very picky about my bikes. Thanks.

    long drive to shop before rejet?

    Yes. Do a search on TT about rejetting and exhaust and do it yourself at home. I am not being a smart a**. I did mine and it was not any more difficult than cutting the 3x3 hole. Well maybe a little, but give it a try.

    sprocket swap, do I need chain mod?

    I am doing the same thing. The guy at my bike shop wanted to know what the brand name on my chain was. I told him it was the stock chain. He said he needed to know what brand it was before he could sell me a master link. Any ideas?

    Used brake pads

    I just bought a used super moto setup for my DRZ400. It came with an EBC 320 mm rotor. I did not get any brake pads. I was wondering if my stock brake pads would harm the rotor. I am not sure if I can get my hands on new ones today and I am dieing to ride.

    Drz Love

    I bought my first Harley in '93. I sold my last one in 2000. Kids came into the picture and I could not afford the H-D(hundered dollars) every time I went to the Harley shop. I got a used 01 DRZ-S about 6 months ago. More fun than any of my Harleys and way cheaper.
  9. Is the adventure 640 a decent commuter bike. Any issues or problems I should be aware of. I like my DRZ, but I think the KTM may be a little better for my 70 mile round trip to work.
  10. My local dealer has an 05 640 Adventure for sale. It has 1,500 mi. Looks like new. He is asking 5900.00. I have a DRZ 400s with the normal mods(pipe, jetting, etc.). I have found myself on the road more than I thought I would be. I was wondering if the KTM is worth this much and if it would be a better commuter than my DRZ.

    Finished-Yosh-Dyno Jet-3x3 on DRZ-S_

    I still have stock gearing. I am going to a 14 tooth cs sprocket. I will still ride a fair amount on the road. I am not sure about the rear. I might just stick with the stock.
  12. I just got finished installing my Yosh pipe, Dyno Jet kit, and doing the 3x3 mod. What a difference! After a quick ride down the road I can say that the bike pulls much harder. I was not sure if it would be worth the investment, but I am very pleased. I started the bike with the tech insert still in the muffler. I took it out and loved the way it sounded. Now I will have to see how the neighbors like it. Thanks to everyone at TT who answered my questions. So if there is anyone who is trying to decide if they should do it or not, take my advice and do it. You will not be sorry.

    Yosh RS3 install help

    I have not had a chance to try it again. Maybe I will try WD40 or hi temp rtv. If I had a local zoo I would give the gorrilla a try.

    Yosh RS3 install help

    I am trying to install my new Yosh exhaust. I am having trouble getting the mid pipe to slide onto the head pipe. It is very tight. It will not slide on far enough to get the mount on the passenger peg to line up. Any suggestions? Is it possible they sent me the wrong pipe. I am not sure where an E model mounts. I thought maybe they sent me a pipe for an E and not my S.

    Picking up my Yosh pipe tommorow!

    Oh yeah it is an '01 S model.