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  1. So, an 04 should fit? along with the linkage from an 04? Thanks
  2. What year shock will fit on a 2003?
  3. Thanks So that's the "F" mark. It still won't start after lining everything up! I'm ordering a new CDI I've tested everything else.
  4. for a 2003 is it the first or second mark on the flywheel for lining up for TDC with the right side marks. I have tried the straw in the cylinder but its to close to tell. I think I'm one tooth off it only backfires when trying to start
  5. It's an 03 with a quick shot and fuel screw other than that stock. 168 42 4th clip checked timing ten times and I have done this top end three times with no problems Thanks for the replies..
  6. I've tried everything. head is rebuilt fully with KW parts, piston and rings, new timing chain adjuster sproket and sliders. Put it all back together and nothing, I've tried everything, timing, valves, de comp clearence, cleaned carb, got spark and fuel and nothing except the odd small back fire. Rechecked everything twice I have no other ideas I'm open to ideas. Thanks...
  7. G P

    road registered at last (pics)

    what kit did you use for the lights,stator. Do you need a battery, to keep the light going when the engines off?\
  8. G P

    05 kx 100 mods

    check out the bouseen rad valve port and polish on a flow bench for sure!
  9. G P

    JD jet and Quick shot for my Rich bike

    I had better results with the stock needle , changing the main and slow jet according to temperature and altitude.
  10. What size retainer tool do you need for a 2003 450r? I have looked everywhere, including tt store for it but only see tools for other hondas.
  11. G P

    Best NON Oring Chain?

    D I D ! 520 !
  12. G P

    Tame this 03 CRF450 for the woods.

    try a 52 or bigger rear sproket 13 front, that really helped me in the tight stuff
  13. G P

    good bike for the wife

    the wife has a kx100 and loves it, we ride off road only and pretty tight technical stuff too, the little 100 works really good! pro circuit pipe 52 rear sproket did chain renthal bars cycra hand guards
  14. G P

    Is this bad?

    I went from 32:1 to 40:1 much better, gona try 42:1
  15. G P

    hard starting 05

    Check Your Jets, Pilot And Main, Go Leaner And Check Your Valves