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  1. Agreed, I have been wondering the same thing! Coo, where are you?!
  2. Poldies4, (and anyone else that wants to chime in) I know you had limited space to work with, how did you go about laying your track out? Did you have to remove a lot of trees first? I have about 3-4 acres to work with but it seems like I have so much wasted space due to the trees. I really don't want to take down a ton of trees but seems like I may have to.
  3. Worked with the skid steer for about 4 more hours today and was able to make 2 new sections and clean up all the other lanes I made Saturday. We're actually getting some rain tonight and supposed to get more tomorrow so hopefully it will make it nice to ride later this week. I would love to but probably not gonna happen. It's usually just me, my 8 year old son when he gets the itch, and my best friend. Probably a good thing my first complaint today(noise). When I finished up with the skid steer, I jumped on my buddy's 450(since it was still dirty from our last ride) that I keep in my garage for him and spun a couple test laps. I rode for maybe five minutes and I when I pulled back up to my garage my neighbor(whom I've only met once) was sitting in my driveway on his 4wheeler. His house sits behind our property but doesn't directly touch my land at any point. I've been riding here for over a year and have never gotten a single complaint but he says the bikes are too loud. I was polite and told him that if they ever have company/party/etc to just give me a call and I would not ride, but I'm not going to to stop riding totally. He also then said someone has been riding up and down his drive way late in the evening but I assured him it was not me. I have plenty of land to ride on, I don't need to ride on his driveway. I have a FMF Stealth Q on my CR250 but my buddy's 450 has a PC Ti4 and it is pretty loud. I've told him that he needs to get a quieter exhaust, maybe now he actually will. But the more I have thought about it the more perturbed I get....What's so funny about this is, he has a KX250 that he rips up and down his driveway and the road in front of his house and I've never said a word. Not to mention his cousins/nephews ride ATVs with no mufflers all around his and their property(which is adjacent to mine) and they are just as loud if not louder than any of our bikes. We live in the country, I expect this sort of stuff and so does everyone else. I have spoken with neighbors on each side as well as the ones directly behind me(who let me borrow the skid steer) and they all have said that I do not bother them and most of the time they never even hear us. I'm not going to stop riding and the next time he confronts me I am definitely going to bring up all of these points. Anyone else ever run into anything like this? Sorry, rant over.
  4. It has been mighty quiet around here(I guess everyone is enjoying the summer and riding!) so I thought I would give a little progress report on my "track". As most of y'all know, I have been able to make a good bit of singletrack over the last year but I have been waiting on my father-in-law to bring his bobcat and/or loader over to make a more proper track for quite some time. Unfortunately for me(fortunately for him) he has been super busy and has not been able to bring it over. However, my friend/neighbor has a John Deere kid steer(not true tracks but it does have the metal tracks over the tires) and was kind of enough to let me borrow it Saturday. My property is mostly trees and thick underbrush so I spent most of the day just clearing and figuring out where I want the lanes. He said I can use it anytime so I plan on using it again tomorrow and at least finishing the initial layout. With all the trees, its a very slow process. Here are a few pics of what I was able to get done Saturday. I still plan on having my father in law come out when his business slows down to bury a bunch of the tress/root balls and building the actual jumps. I have built jumps in the past, and I know I will waste a lot of time and fuel trying to build them myself! Nothing runs like a Deere! It still needs to be smoothed/back bladed but at least it is clear! And a quick GoPro of the new section. It's nothing special, but it is a start: Some of the faster trails I have:
  5. Yes, the front fender and number plate should fit your bike as well. You'll just have to drill new holes in the 2015 fender to make it like up with your bike. None of the other plastics from the newer CRFs will fit(without major modifications anyway).
  6. It's just called "Trails" on the iOS store. It shows, elevation, average speed, time, etc.
  7. I downloaded a trail mapping app and rode my 4 wheeler this afternoon and logged the main outer loop of my "track".(it's mostly singletrack). It is 0.6 miles for the main outer loop but I still have a lot of land to work with. I didn't go across the creek(too slick for my 2wd Recon)or double back on the trail anywhere. I can easily make it 1.25-1.5 miles once I get the bobcat out here. The speeds range from 5-18 mph, but is it pretty tight and definitely on the slower side at this point. Hopefully my father in law is bringing the bobcat and loader out within the next week or so. Then I can make some faster and wider sections....and hopefully some decent jumps if I have enough dirt!
  8. Gotcha, thanks for the info. I would only be interested in the trails anyway, so the track wouldn't make a difference either way. We usually go to Highland MX Park but I would like to visit some other places that have decent off-road offerings.
  9. Cool. I've never been to Paradise but we used to ride at ICR in Warner Robins all the time before it closed down. How is Paradise?
  10. Nice, looks great! Amazing what a newer style front fender can do do for these bikes. I am totally convinced that these bikes are gonna stand the test of time, i.e. they will still look amazing(and "cool") 20 years from now.
  11. Newnan. Where are you located?
  12. Managed to snap a few pics this weekend. Like I said, it's nothing special but it's mine and I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish with just a 4 wheeler and a chainsaw so far. It's mostly single track with a few wider sections thrown in. The creek crossing is A LOT steeper than it looks and got really rutted this weekend. My buddy got stuck and/or fell in it at least 50% of the time he crossed it, lol. Now I have to just get my father-in-law out here!
  13. It was a little muddy on the trails but got her all cleaned up now.
  14. Trails were a little slick and muddy today!