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  1. kxnomore

    Bent Axle???

    fork tubes twisted in the triple clamps?
  2. kxnomore

    1990 KX250 Project W/ PICTURES

    When this happens, use PB Blaster or some other kind of Liquid Wrench with Teflon spray. Spray the bolt and let it sit for a few minutes, then spray again and again letting it sit in between sprays. If possible remove the swingarm to really let it soak in. Once you have soaked the bolt, slowly move the bolt with vise grips back and forth. Be patient and go very slowly, even a 1/16 turn back and forth will work as you continue to spray. This will work every time.
  3. kxnomore

    Budds Creek RESULTS MOTO 1

    Millsaps didn't do as well in Moto 2. Anyone know what happened?
  4. kxnomore

    Chain Adujusting Bolt

    Try using PB Blaster or some other teflon based Liquid Wrench bolt penetrant. After spraying the bolt let it sit for 10 minutes and then slowly tighten and loosen over and over a quarter turn to a half turn at a time working it back and forth. This almost always works. After this gets the bolt out, use anti sieze on the threads and it will be fine from then on.
  5. kxnomore

    952 front tire ?

    Yep. No way.
  6. kxnomore

    952 front tire ?

    I just got one 2 rides ago. I had been using the 756, but now that the dirt has gotten dried out and blue grooved, the 756 would wear out in 4 or 5 long rides. So after 2 rides the 952 is showing hardly any wear at all. It grips pretty darn well, but does slip (but not let go completely) with less warning, much like the 742 did. Not too bad though, considering it may last 2 or maybe even 3 times as long, and I'm not rich yet. It does work well in the hard pack, and works better than the worn out 756 in all situations.
  7. kxnomore

    Foresthill trail #6?

    Thanks! I went to check it out today, but turned around at the "experts only" sign after hearing a not so nice recap of an earlier ride. Maybe next week.
  8. kxnomore

    3-1 at forest hill

    Crazy I know. He seemed to be a pretty good rider too. I had said I was going to go try 6 and I'm pretty sure all of them replied at once "Don't try it alone!!!" Very funny. The ride out to 6 was great though, lot's of smooth single track in the pine trees with great dirt. I turned around at the warning sign.
  9. so is that it? Is James done for the season?? I hope he's just sore again!! Did anyone see what happened?
  10. kxnomore

    3-1 at forest hill

    Yep. That one can be tough. Try it in the rain sometime! Next time you can cut out to trail 3.4 and back to 4. That way is a little less rocky. By the way, I tried loop 5 (clockwise) today. Very nice, but there was one steep rock section after a creek crossing that was flat gnarly. Had to push. Next week I've got to try 6. Saw some KTM riders today saying they had to pull a bike 75 feet up a near cliff after one of them made just a slight mistep. That sounds like one sweet trail. :prof:
  11. kxnomore

    Foresthill trail #6?

    what's an average loop time starting at China Wall then 5, 5.6, and then 6 and back? And is it better to go clockwise on 6 or counterclockwise? Whichever is the most common direction is my preference to reduce the chance of the dreaded head on. Also, how does it compare to 4 and 3.1/ 3.4 as far as difficulty? I have a buddy who's ridden maybe 2 years is all but can ride 4 and 3 with only minor issues in the steeper rocks. Thanks for any suggestions!
  12. kxnomore

    motorcycle carrier

    I have a 2004 Tahoe with the Joe Hauler and it's great. It only holds one bike, but I've had zero problems. There have been many times I wish I had the two bike hauler, so if anyone has used one, please let me know too if they work well.
  13. kxnomore


    Don't worry so much. You will not blow the engine at 50 to 1. Still, 32 to 1 is a better mixture for a high revving engine like the 65. Try to understand that a lower mixture will actually make the bike run "leaner" (less drool, etc). 32 to 1 is a "thicker" mixture and will slow the fuel flow through the jets. there is nothing wrong with your bike. It probably just drooled out the pipe because you were not riding it hard. There are several stages of jetting. If you are tooling around at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle your main jet is hardly even being used. At those throttle settings you are mainly in the needle section of your jetting. As you move to full throttle the needle pulls almost all the way out of the main jet and the size of the main jet takes over. Try having fun on your bike, don't be concerned about jetting if it starts and doesn't die or bog, mix your gas at 32 to one, clean the drool off your pipe once in a while, and again, have fun, don't worry so much!!!!!
  14. Thank you for the link. I've ridden outside of Truckee Tahoe for 25 years and absolutely love it. I hope they take into consideration the short season and the need for summer recreation.
  15. kxnomore

    Early Seattle SX spoiler...

    Well he won heat 1 so it couldn't have been too bad. I am really hoping he stays calm and doesn't wreck the outdoors. He has shown too often that he forgets reason and just pins it. Don't get me wrong, I think he's probably one of the most talented riders ever, I just hate seeing him get hurt... Well, now he just got the holeshot in them main!!! YEAH!