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  1. AAKRUGER451

    New Cycra plastics 2010/11 YZF450

    yea, i just looked into it. Its almost the exact same price. the cycra stuff is definitely the way to go. $110 still seems like a lot for a couple pieces of plastic
  2. AAKRUGER451

    New Cycra plastics 2010/11 YZF450

    yea they look really awesome but did you see the price tag? Its like $90 for the shroud and another $20 for the tank cover
  3. AAKRUGER451

    KX100 Damper Rod Fork Tool

    I have a damper tool that fits big bikes but i need one for a 06 kx100. I have looked all over the internet for one but i havent had any luck. Can anyone help me out? http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/tools/damper_rod_fork_tool/ Its this tool but i need a different size.
  4. AAKRUGER451


    I figured it out. The seal for the bearing slides down too close to the bearing which blocks oil from getting to the it and also burns up the seal. When i installed the seal, i am absolutly positive that it was in the correct location but when i took it apart, it had shifted to the wrong posistion. Why does this happen and what can i do to prevent it from happening again? Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  5. AAKRUGER451


    I think I have my mix correct. The first time i did not install the seals correctly, but the second time, i am confident that i did. I did use a special tool to take off the magneto but not to install the crank. The first time i used pivot works, but the second time i used OEM parts. I think your right when you say its an alighnment problem or possibly the crank is not balanced but it was just replaced. I hate to bring it to the shop to get them to do it correctly because ive always worked on my bikes myself and those places always over charge. Thanks for the help so far, if you have any other suggestions, id love to hear them.
  6. AAKRUGER451


    I have replaced the crank bearings in my 03 kx125 twice in the last year and yesterday they just went out again. The Bike runs flawlessly for about 20-30 hours and then the crank bearings go all the sudden. I dont want to have to replace them this often and keep spending this much money. Nothing else on the bike has any problems. I put the bearings in myself with a press and everthing went in nicley. The crankshaft has also recently been replaced so i dont think that has anything to do with the problem. Has anyone ever experienced this or can anybody offer me some words of wisdom.
  7. AAKRUGER451

    budds creek

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/race_report/article/0,13190,1205432,00.html transworld always has race reports. I cant wait to go to MXDN at Budds next year. I dont get Motocross Action but i always read Racer X and Transworld
  8. AAKRUGER451

    Ricky at Broome-Tioga National Vids

    I know that those were cray! I was looking at the track after the race and those ruts were huge! Cool Vids
  9. AAKRUGER451

    Broome Pics

    Cool pictures! I see myself in some of them.
  10. AAKRUGER451

    Whos going to broom this weekend???

    I'll be there!
  11. AAKRUGER451

    Nico Izzi

    I more interested in Josh Hill at Millville!
  12. AAKRUGER451

    Ivan Tedesco at our local track in Houston

    Yea, I cant wait to see how he does at Millville! Awsome video
  13. AAKRUGER451

    Unadilla practice film

    I wish he would stop crashing. I've went to budds creek and dilla this year and he skiped both races. I'm starting to lose faith.
  14. AAKRUGER451

    Why doesn't RC like Unadilla?

    If he does doesnt like the track than he probably wont be comeing back next year when he only does some of the rounds. I think another major reason he doesnt like dilla is because thats where K-Dub ended his winning streak! If you look at the history, i can understand why he doesnt like the place.