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  1. Just for anyone wondering, the switch from the YZFs to the KTMs were effortless.  In fact, my racer, who had never been on a 450, was able to get up to race pace on the KTM 450 in no time.  The 250 was even easier.   But the KTM 450's power is so linear and smooth that it was simple to adapt to.  

  2. My racer, Carter Gordon, is trying out his KTMs today.  Should be an interesting day.  Switching contracts is always risky, especially right before regionals.  








    We have a 2017 Yamaha YZ250f with full JGR motor, Hinson clutch and lots of extras.  $16,000 value.  Will sell for $10,000.  






  4. Michael499

    2016 250f Pre Maintenence

    Take it completely apart and check everything, then put it back together with quality grease and the right torque wrenches. I'm not saying disassemble the motor or fork and shock internals, just take everything that has bearings or bolts apart. Make sure bearings are installed properly. Grease everything like it may never be greased again (especially if that's what will happen). Then you can ride with certainty that all is well. Even the best new bikes have small amounts of suspect white grease, if any at all. Don't forget steering head bearings. Check your airbox just to make sure your filter is snug against it. 99.9% of the time it is. If you don't look, you'll be that .1% and that sucks. Use a standard mirror on a stick. Check your spokes. When you put it back together ride five minutes and checks the spokes before you drain that break in oil. Doublecheck that the marks on the swingarm are the same on each side. Sometimes there's a difference and when you painstakingly take time to line up the rear wheel using those marks you'll be off a bit. Next put the proper electrical grease on your electrical connections. We are extremely anal about new bike maintenance and period maintenance. We've have 6 2014-16 YZFs and have a 17 Triangle Cycles/JGR one being built right now. With proper maintenance we get 100 to 150 largely trouble free use of them. Then we sell them to vets or pleasure riders who ride them forever. They are a reliable bike if shown a modest amount or TLC. Good luck
  5. Michael499

    Just a reminder check frame welds periodically.

    Yamaha sent us this frame. It made it two months. Right now 3 out of our 4 have cracks at the steering head. Several other riders at the facility have the same. The bike is amazing but this is getting frustrating.
  6. Michael499

    any idea why the kx250f valvetrain is so loud?

    The KXF valve train is not only loud but it's the biggest and most important weak link to fix with the bike. We have a half dozen of these for the race season last year and became very familiar with the bike. Each of our bikes had a louder valve train than the YZFs we are on this year. Each motor builder said to replace the entire valve train prior to riding. So it's a known weak point.
  7. The early 15s clearly had rod issues and some transmission issues. We switch to Yamaha right before LLs and we've had zero engine or transmission issues only two cracked frames (out of 4 bikes) at the steering head. We change pistons, etc. at 20 hours. We change rods and cranks at 40 at the latest, preferably earlier. These bikes seem to have much better rods and cranks than the KXFs we came from. Oil and air filter maintenance is always key.
  8. Michael499

    Just a reminder check frame welds periodically.

    I used to do arc welding and I agree with you Goatse. My nephew told me that the other Yamaha riders at his training camp checked theirs, and 2 others were cracked as well.
  9. Michael499

    Just a reminder check frame welds periodically.

    There is definitely an issue with certain welds. Having said that we've got a lot of hours on a 15 practice bike that has not yet shown any cracks. And my nephew is a pretty aggressive racer. Still, it's wise to keep an eye on the welds.
  10. Michael499

    Just a reminder check frame welds periodically.

    Our newest 2016 practice bike just cracked in the weld at 20 hours. Keep an eye on them.
  11. Michael499

    2015 YZ250F - POWER MODS

    Dean D is a great tuner. But the R&D throttle body's biggest benefits are in the low to mid range. It's marginal on top, though the necessary vortex ignition will help there. Also, as we have it set up the vortex removes a substantial amount of engine braking. So if you race ax or sx it's a great purchase.
  12. Michael499

    2014 yz250f spark plug cap

    We are using the C4MX fix. Since we've put them on we've had no issues. Good luck.
  13. Michael499

    crank life

    If you race hard (meaning you are hard on the motor) change the crank at 20-25 hours. Use a CWI crank. If not you can go up to 40 or so safely. As said above when they let go that engine is shot. There is nothing left that's useable. When we were on these bikes, up until this spring, we had two cranks let go early. Both destroyed the cases, the transmission and there was collateral damage throughout the engine. In one we were able to salvage a head. Luckily my rider didn't endo on either one. If it lets go in the air the front end drops before the rider can react. It's just not a risk worth taking.
  14. Michael499

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    Just bought a yellow one.
  15. Michael499

    Just a reminder check frame welds periodically.

    Steering stem. Yamaha has been great. My rider is 150 lbs. Bike had less than 10 hours.