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  1. Bcavy2

    Buy Leftover 07 or New 08?

    Dude, I have a 2008, and after messing with the stabilizer, I cant ride a bike without one. It feels like your bike is on a rope around corners and in the rough stuff its great. 08 all the way.
  2. Bcavy2

    FCR carb TPS removal

    I have a 400ex throttle on my yfz, more comfortable had to remove the tps. im not stupid, i checked on pros quads, talked to aftermarket companies, and other riders that had the 400ex throttle. Listen, if 4 pros disconnect it, i think i better listen to them, not soem forum. and it had no effect on my quad.
  3. Bcavy2

    YFZ450 vs. YZ450F????

    wow, that is funniest shit ive ever seen. hhhhhmmmm.....i wonder....lol....if you can balance the bike u have enbough skill to win, i own a crf450 and a yfz450 quad, and the yfz450 quad is about equal to a stock 250f in a drag. the yz450 will absolutely aniliat your friends quad, ill give u my quad if he would win haha
  4. Bcavy2

    poll on the cam mod

    The 2006 is the same as the 04-05 with the cam mod. They have the instructions in the last issue of dirt wheels magazine, see yfz hot setups, it shows kory ellis doing it to an 06 step by step, thats what i used. i have a 06 by the way.
  5. Bcavy2

    Who races Quads

    And just if it matters about experience, i won the quad b arenacross and outdoor overall points last year, and that was a total of 29 races. so i got some experience. the only reason im not moving to quad a this year is that there is a big gap between are local b and a riders on quads. Some b riders should be in C and some A could compete with the guys in the back of the pack in pro class. I dont have the aftermarket goodies i should yet, im still running stock shocks. haha
  6. Bcavy2

    Who races Quads

    No i was 16 when i bought the 400ex man, i am 18 now goin on 19, i forgot to mention that haha. I have some experience under my belt haha.
  7. Bcavy2

    Who races Quads

    I have seen more BS in these forums than in a barn. Dude I will lay down the truth. I raced bikes from the time i was 10 until i was 14, and it them 4 years i raced c class localy on my 125. I never trained or practiced and i didnt take it seriously. When I was 15 i made the mistake of getting a yamaha banshee for trail riding, then i traded it in for a 400ex. The main reason i traded was that my favorite thing to do is jump, the 400ex just felt so much more comfortable in the air. I started racing quads when i was 16, i put a few parts on my 400ex. the power of the 400 wasnt enough i slapped a 2003 yz450f dirt bike motor in my frame (cost an arm and a leg) now i ahve a 06 yfz. half of my friends are dirt bike guys, and i cna ride both. i respect pro dirt bike and quad guys because i have rode both. But, i swear on my life it is more tiring to ride a QUAD than a bike. I can ride my friends 450 bikes and 250f's without getting too tired on my practice track. If i go as hard as i can on my modified yfz450, i get tired in about 5 laps. On a logn outdoor track, i have such massive arm pump i cant even push the thumb throttle. I currently own a 2005 crf450, and a 2006 yfz450 quad. I race both, i race 250b on the bike and quad B on the quad. Since i am a decently skilled bike rider, i hear the kids in my class talking all kinda shit on quads "they r just like riding couchs around" i always flip clear out on them cuz i say u have no idea, try hitting all the jumps we are doing and throwing around a 375 pound machine in the air, and try holding on to the bars at full throttle 5th gear goin through dirt bike ruts. Its not easy. The truth is: bikes are not EASIER to ride, HOWEVER, they are less tiring and u dont have to be in as good as shape. Bikes are way more conifdence inspiring jumpers, but that just helps me learn things on my quad, i mostly bought the bike to cross train to stay in shape to race quads. Over this winter, i went to NEMX in ohio its an indoor track, and I am so outa shape that i only could go THREE yes i said THREE laps without getting arm pump, and i hit the gym about 4 times a week. On my bike i rode the whole practice session just fine. Quads are very tiring, especially when are a 450 with motor work. All in all both bikes and quads deserve the same respect. My dirt bike friends all agree after they take my quad around, how much more tiring it is, if u own a quad and u read this let some loud mouth 250b rider ride your quad for a moto. and show them how much of a couch u have
  8. Bcavy2

    who is running cam mod on 06??

    i have an 06 with the cam mod and it does not come from the factory with yz timing, look in the latest dirt wheels mag on yfz450 hop ups, kory ellis does it to an 06. it is fine, and it runs way better.
  9. Bcavy2

    06 yfz450 no improvment with mods?

    that is the craziest thing i have ever heard. the 06 is only slightly faster stock not even by a quad length but the way the power comes on is better. i have an 06 yfz, i just ordered an alba full system. sumtin has to be wrong, cuz i rode an 06 with an hmf slip on and without any jetting at all it was night and day difference, another thing might be that yoshi is junk.
  10. Bcavy2

    will it beat a trx 450r???

    This forum cracks me up. i have rode both. i just sold my last quad, a 03 yz450f dirt bike motor in a 400ex frame. i race quad b class motocross. i sold my hybird because they are losing value fast. i have rode an 04 honda trx450r, and a 2004 yfz450, and i just bought a 2006 yfz450. but most of all i rode the 2006 honda, holy sh!t that thing flies, pulls way harder than my stock yamaha. and it still has higher gearing. on the 04 models, the yfz would beat it off a start because the honda had such high gearing back then. but on a rolling start the honda is way more torqier and will beat it, not only in acceleration but in top speed. this is because yamaha's pipe is even a bigger fagget than the stock honda exhaust. example, pipe on yamaha gains close to 6-9 horses with air box lid off, u aint seein that shit on the honda, it gains like 3. so there u go, take off the california emissions bullsh!t, and u got yourself some real quads. now the 06 honda absolutley pulls out the ass, and it is actually tiring to hold on to int he trails, or track, STOCK. i cant imagine when u put an exhaust or dirt bike cam in it. now my stock 06 yamaha? it flies too, but not near enough with the stock exhaust, i did the cam timing change and wow, snappier, a lto more low end response and lower everywhere. alba pipe is on the way. the 06 honda outhandles it as far as feel, but the yamaha in stock width form out handles it at race speeds. now i know what your thinkin, mr honda lover, why did u buy the yamaha? i took such a loss with the hybyrd quad that i cant afford anything but tires/rims, exhaust, handlebars, and nerf bars. the honda cannot compete in my local b class with only that stuff, i run tracks like steel city and high point, and that honda light front end just pisses me off on steep angled landings. ANYWAY conclusion, give someone me 10 grand to spend on aftermarket shit on both the honda and yamaha and the honda will be a lil faster handle a lil bit better, but for now the 06 yamaha is gonna take me to the fastest lap times in this form. hope i helped u out.
  11. Bcavy2

    poll on the cam mod

    I dont know what all this talk about losing low end is. I did the cam mod yesterday to my bone stock 2006 yfz and thats what it woke up THE BOTTOM END, better throttle response, more low end snap. i think the yfz has pitiful bottom end witht he stock exhaust, but i've rode them with exhausts, and thats why ive already ordered the alba full system. anyway, there must be a difference between the 04-05, and the 06, because i gained so much low end it wasnt funny. thanks
  12. Bcavy2

    Best YFZ Pipe

    12 hp HAHAHA. thats funny, even jetted with a KandN filter and the air box lid off, it still wont see those numbers. alba builds kory ellis's pro caliber race motor, and they will admit, that u wont see more than 5-8 horses on the dyno, with all the pipes. it would take cams porting and full exhaust to see that kind of gain. but good luck to you. if u want a SICK sounding pipe try n-motion, they are by the far the sickest sounding pipe i have ever heard, loud but not too loud, about the same as hmf.
  13. Bcavy2

    stupid yfz450 cam mod...grrrrrrrr !!!

    I just bought a 2006 yfz450 two days ago. I just had a 2003 yz450f dirt bike motor in a 400ex frame, so i knew what the quad would run like with the cam mod. It is so easy, it takes 30-45 minutes (average joe do it yourselfer). I ordered my alba pipe kit yesterday, and i wanted to go ahead and do this ahead of time. I typed yfz450 timing in the google search and this forum came up, and when i saw about the 4-5 quad lengths in a race, i had to do it. so we did it today and WOW. i will tell u right now seat of the pants, the throttle response and low end, it even revs harder, u can HEAR the difference. it literally pulls your arms off on the mid range now. I can only imagine with an exahaust what this thing will do. it gained power everywhere, best free mod