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  1. mhoath1

    WR 250 maintenace cost

    By the way - I highly recommend you use Honda HP2 two stroke oil. I use it in all of my 2 strokes and the results are impressive. clean, low wear and no buildup.
  2. mhoath1

    WR 250 maintenace cost

    I live in GA. I ride mostly vet class mx on a honda 450 locally. Maybe 1 or 2 hare scrambles locally each year. In 2008 I purchased a 2006 wr250 with very low hours sight unseen. A local dealer employee who received the bike as a bonus fell on hard times and needed cash. He knew I was a Husky fan ( i have had 7 different vintage & modern Huskys) called me and offered me a price I could not refuse. I had the forks redone, rejetted, and set the bike up for my annual Colorado summer ride in and about Crested Butte. We spend 7 days riding the mountain trails. So far I have 6-8 hare scrambles, 15 or so trail rides here in GA and approximately 3000 miles of CO mountain trails. I check the piston every year and so far the Husky has proved to be very durable. The piston is still in good shape. I have the V3 reeds, replaced the carb with the Kiehin, and it is a great trail bike. It does lose power at altitude, but the light weight more than makes up for that over the 4 strokes that most of my buds ride. I am 210 pounds, and after three years of contemplating switching to a four stroke, I still love it. I am sure it is priced right. I highly recommend the bike. My main complaint is I wish it came with a six speed. I have purchased the parts to convert to a six speed (it seems many husky trannys are interchangeable) and as soon as the crank or bearings warrant splitting the cases, I will insert the 6 speed. Good luck.
  3. mhoath1

    Shift lever cross reference - 2006 WR250

    I just ordered a Sunline for a yz250f - I will let you know if it works....
  4. I have a 2006 WR250 and love it. I am looking for a more durable shift lever in the aftermarket. No one seems to make one listed for this application. Anyone have any idea what jap/ktm model will fit. I read on an earlier thread that a Yamaha yz250f fit an 02 Husky CR125. Anyone already been down this path that can save me a bit of time? I like the Sunline and Hammerhead shift levers on other bikes.... Thanks Michael
  5. mhoath1

    Older 430??

    I have had many dirt bikes and numerous Huskys - my favorite vintage Husky by far was an 82 430. very usable power - parts are available - very stable and very durable and reliable. I put a 6 speed tranny in, did some mild porting, ran a larger mikuni, and added new ohlins for the rear and race tech valves for the forks (I actually used forks and triple clamps from an 84 Husky). The bike was bulletproof. I ran this bike for 3-4 years in vintage racing for both MX and Enduro and it serves both functions well. You shoul dbe able to find a decent tank and have it restored ( I did my own) and had a race tank and a garage tank. Best of luck. Larry Stahl in Atlanta is a great source for parts, knowledge and expertise.
  6. I have a 2006 WR250 and recently serviced the lever for the front master cylinder to adjust the play and lube the fitting. When I removed the lever, a spring jumped out and hit the floor running. Uncharacteristically, I was able to find it on my garage floor. After inspecting the master cylinder, there appears to be two bores / holes where the spring may fit. One is on the right side of the MC the other is on the front of the MC. Both will puch against the lever. The lever also appears to have a recess perfectly crafted for a detent ball bearing. I never saw this piece and could not find one on the floor. I reviewed the parts diagram in the manual for an 06 and an 07 and neither one even shows the spring. I have two questions: 1. Where does the spring go? 2. Is there supposed to be a detent ball bearing? Thanks for your help. Michael
  7. mhoath1

    06 WR250 - heading to Colorado!

    BTW - I am also running an FMF Gnarly pipe...
  8. I need some advice. I have a 2006 WR250 with maybe 50 hours on it. I got it as a fire sale last year when the local Husky dealer closed his doors. I love the bike. I have been going to Colorado (Taylor Park area fro about 4 years running with a large group of folks. We ride about 100 miles a day for 8 days. All high altitude stiff over 6500' and up to 12-13k. Last year was the first year that I took the Husky (I took an Yami WR450 before). Here is the download on the Husky performance last year: - Handled great, very light, perfect for the tight singletrack. - No jetting issues until 10k - bogged down too easy above 10k - Gearing was too high for some of the steeper hill climb that were technical. - Needed a 6th gear on the faster sections. Here is what I have done to better prepare the bike for this years trip. - Replaced Mikuni with the Keihin PWK Airstriker 38mm. I have read the other threads and feel like I wil have the jetting taken care of - I changed the stock 13/48 sprokects to 13/50. This will address the climbs better, at the expense of top speed. - I had Drew Smith of WER revalve the forks and shock - what a difference! - I installed a Steahly 9oz flywheel weight. I installed this in an effort to increase the engine grunt & inertia at low rpm's for the steep climbs. I have not ever run a flywheel weight on any of my bike's so I am not sure what to expect. My questions are: - Will the flywheel weight help or hurt the bogging issue on high altitude climbs? - will the fww increase the propensity for bogging (the installation says it may increase the chance to bog in certain conditions. - Has anyone else installed this on a WR250? If so how did it change the power / engine characteristics. It was very easy to install, so I planned on trying it for the first day or two at altitude and then removing it if I did not like it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and sharing your experiences. Michael Atlanta, GA
  9. mhoath1

    Wide footpegs for vintage Husky's?

    I have the husky junk billet pegs on my 74 250 mag and they work great - great traction, wide platform, down side is I replace the soles of my boots every other season
  10. mhoath1

    The Perfect WR 250!!

    I almost decided to purchase a new WR300 - but decided to make the perfect bike out of my 2006 WR250. Here is what I plan to do: 1. Upgrade the motor to 300cc with the OEM kit (cylinder, piston & power Valve) 2. Swap the TMX for a PWK carb 3. Do the 6 speed swap for the 5 speed. I live in the SE - the 250 power is fine here - but we ride at altitude in CO and above 10K feet, need more beans for the technical stuff. Thanks to everyone for all of the great information on the threads that gave me the inspiration... I do need some help: 1. Has anyone done the 300 kit AND the PWK? Any jetting info? 2. I need help sourcing the 6 speed from a 250 or 360 (1992 to 98) or the 360 from 92 thru 2002 - I will be checking with Hall's, Up-tite etc...any other ideas are appreciated. I cannot wait to get this project underway. Michael Atlanta
  11. What - No one has any thoughts or responses? Speak up
  12. Ok first of all let me say that I love Huskys - not quite as passionately as some of you here but I do love them. I have owned 2 74 250 mags, a 78 CR390, an 82 CR430, an 82 420 Auto, an 84 CR 500, an 05 TC450 and an 07 WR250. I am very interested in the latest generation FI 310 or 450. I am excited about the purchase by BMW. What I am not excited about: - After getting so excited to see the Gunsight H Logo on GNCC TV coverage and actually getting podiums - I now learn that the sponsorship is evaporating. - PLEASE get the HusqvarnaUSA website up and running - it currently diverts you to the Husqvarna Italy website which DOES NOT EVEN SHOW the 09 model information! I have to search the web for info and find it on the Australian website. - Just keep us informed. Even if it is that decisions have yet to be made (i.e., bringing the WR125 to the US Canada, etc, will the 310 be avail in TXC etc). But communicate. - Strengthen the dealer network. Please leverage the BMW name and clout to improve the dealer network. I know - there are several good dealers that stock most everything you need and is available - but that is not really acceptable. What about reliable, accessible and knowledgeable servicing? I live in one of the top 10 major metropolitan areas in the country and for many years my only option was to drive several hours to a dealer that was good at service - but had many problems getting parts. I will likely buy a Husky. I may have to break down and go orange. Simple things make a difference. 13 of my buddies and I spent 8 days riding the mountains of Colorado. My rear rotor sheared off - along with the guard. I spent hours and hours on the phone - no one - even those good dealers that stock everything - could get the part to me. I eventually contacted an aftermarket manufactirer - found outr which one would work and had Parts Unlimited ship it. If it was Orange - it was a simple overnight procedure (if I did not want to drive an hour to the dealer). If BMW hopes to grow the brand they HAVE to improve the dealer network AND parts availability. And keep making Great Bikes - I love the way my WR250 handles. The design and styling also still gets me jazzed evertime I look at it. What are your thoughts?
  13. Last year I purchased a set of the Acerbis Multiplo E handguards for my Honda 450. These are the best handguards I have ever used (I have tried 3 or 4 different brands as well over the years). I am looking for another set for my new Husky and cannot find anywhere in the US that carries them. TT - no, Partsunlimited - no, Tucker Rocky - no (they do sell the replacement plastic). Help - I am very particular about my controls.... Thanks!
  14. mhoath1

    SORCS Race Land NEEDED

    I have some land in Jackson County (Near athens) - varied terrain, water, some pasture, more than you need. Email me at mhoath@brandproperties.net & we can discuss... Michael
  15. mhoath1

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    Rider - April 1966 (almost 40). First Husky was a 1974 250 Mag - still have it and race it in AHRMA. All tricked out with new parts, swingarm, tripleclamp, ohlins, 38mm Mikuni - motor breathed on by the Stahls! Also a 1979 CR390, a 1982 CR430, a 1982 420 Auto, a 1984 CR500, and a 2005 TC450. I love them all, and ride them all. Still race the 250 and the 430.