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    06 Yz450 No Oil Showing On Dipstick

    grayracer513, Thanks for the insight. I removed the left cover and cleaned the passages. I also blew air through the rubber equalizer vent tube, and when I reassembled and filled it with oil it worked perfectly. I don't know what was different because I found no smoking gun, but something fixed it. Thanks again, Wes
  2. ashley65

    06 Yz450 No Oil Showing On Dipstick

    I removed it at the top and started the bike. When I saw that it was pumping oil I immediately killed the engine.
  3. While changing oil in a friends 06 YZ450, I noticed that there was no oil showing on the dipstick. I added a little and still nothing. I checked the oil pressure bolt on the head and it had good pressure. I checked the return line and it is pumping back to the tank. Drained the oil and refilled with the proper amount. Still nothing. Called him and he said it has never shown on the dipstick since new. Bike has about 20 hours. I have looked through the forum and have found where others have had the same problem, but noone has responded with an update as to what the problem actually was. My question is: Has anyone that has seen this problem before figured out what was the cause? I have owned several 06-07 YZ450s and have changed the oil in them hundreds of times, so I am sure it is nothing I am doing wrong. Thanks, Wes
  4. ashley65

    top end or not

    If you do decide the replace the piston, be sure to check the front and back sides of the cylinder for wear also. If you replace the piston try a CP race piston, part number M1043, you will be glad you did. It really wakes up the low end power.
  5. ashley65

    Top Dead Center with Cam Off 2006 450R

    I have a very simple and foolproof way to remove the cam and not have to worry about retiming the cam. 1. Remove the valve cover. 2. Remove the center bolt from the cam chain tensioner. 3. Remove the bolts from the cam sprocket. 4. With a small flatblade screwdriver, relieve the tension from the tensioner. with the other hand lift the sprocket off the cam. Do not take sprocket out of chain. Release the tensioner and let sprocket and chain rest in cam chain guides. 5. Remove cam and make adjustments. 6. Replace cam. 7. Relieve pressure from tensioner and slider sprocket back on cam and bolt it back together. Since you didn't move the sprocket's position from the cam chain, you do not need to retime anything. Doing it this way cuts your valve adjustments to about 20 minutes. Always double check your timing just to be safe.