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  1. jersey jorge

    Bad: cdi,coil or ground? Please Help!!!!

    have not done a search yet but my buddy's 93 and my 97 are slow starters... when cold its a battery killer if it starts at all on his... mine is less tricky but when out in the wild and attempting the first start of the day i cringe... will it or won't it start? I have no problem getting new parts and not deal with the problem... but i would like to see how this problem is corrected for the one who started the thread... Jorge.
  2. jersey jorge

    Which one to buy DRZ400 or XR650L?

    dude, get both at that price... the XR might be tall for you to put your foot down in a low spot or off camber but on the road you will feel very stretched out... the DRZ is a great single track ride... keep one for road riding and mixed surfaces... and the long haul ( the XR) and gear the other one down for plowing the fields... THe DRZ... works for me... its a great blend of bikes... good luck with it...
  3. jersey jorge


    i am trying one to start the season... it fits and it works real well in the soft stuff... lumpy on the balck top and really sucks on metal bridges which we have here in NJ on some of the country roads... mounting was not so bad... i had done a few tires so my skills were warm so it was ok and after i did mine i helped a buddy do his... practice makes perfect... if it dies a premature death i'll try the 110/100 good luck with it...
  4. jersey jorge

    chain guard support removal

    Ok, did a search... nothing of value... the chain guard is needed for inspection in Jersey so i need to keep the tabs on the top of the swing arm and that way i can cut the plastic and make it appear as though the guard would actually do something... what i don't like is the Aluminum "L" bracket welded on the inside of the swing arm... here ... i can't see that it is structural but i can see it collecting mud and grass and sticks and twigs... another shot... looks like i can just cut it off flush... anyone care to show me the bracketectomy?
  5. jersey jorge

    Crank case breather tube length?

    i don't know...looked at it and cut it about in half and reattached... just started playing on the bike... this is new to me but its a 97... looks like this when done... i guess it could suck in some crap from the airbox but i was really concerned about the vacuum caps... it said in the IMS directions to pull two or four vacuum lines and cap... so i did...looked like some of that stuff should be needed but i guess not... anyone want to confirm this for me? here is one on the right side... and this one on the bottom of the carb... and looking at it you can see the bend in the hose and the capped vacuum...just keeping up with the thread... and the last two caps...on the right side... now keep in mind i got this bike down to some bare bones... so it will look different from your ride ... ok here is a pic... i think we are good with the shorter hose...
  6. jersey jorge

    Need taller setup for DRZ400E

    i'm 6'0 not all that tall a guy and felt pretty crampt on the Z, i have fastways on my Strom... nice pegs but the pivot pegs are better for offroad... SGD tall saddle is key, Terra Flex 150/90 and get the heaviest Race tech spring and set the sag... my ride sits 39" to the ground and i am tippy toes to the ground... even with my body on the bike there is minimal height loss... i use the 2" Rox risers and the Pro taper ATV High Bars... lost track of the numerical position but this is now a good bike for anyone over 6'0...
  7. jersey jorge

    Key switch relocation? Require photos

    sorry man, smugmug is flaking out... i'll post some later...
  8. jersey jorge

    Key switch relocation? Require photos

    tough one ROb, i've had my Z for a touch more than a year... the key switch has been in at least four different locations... i actually ground off one tab and added a C clamp... i'll search for some pics... best one was the screw off the u clamp from the Ram mount... here was the last place it was... now i took that toggle switch out of there and moved it again... now using the PT high ATV bars... with 2" rox risers... feel like ape hangers when sitting but feel great when standing...
  9. jersey jorge

    stock bar replacement

    i went with magura bars for a year and 2" rox risers... but i need those on the other ride so i put on the Pro taper High ATV with the 2"rox risers... WOW that is high... standing my elbows are slightly bent... very comfy... i added the SDZG tall saddle and that is super cool too... but i added the Tera Flex 150 tire and i had a Racetech spring installed and now i can barley tippy toe to the floor and that's with me sitting on the bike... Yikes? should be interesting test ride... just finished winter mods and ride prep... do check ebay bars get sold all the time... you may need to try a few ... Jorge.
  10. jersey jorge

    Steering Stabilizer

    hey Cat, the WER looks pretty cool and i came across a used one not long ago but it requierd welding to make it work...at least that older version did... do you have more details on your soultion? oh the CYCRA bark buster system is the BOMB man... really great stuff... Slightly off subject but here was my solution to the ProTaper cross bar... which of course was positioned exactly where the mounting brakcet needed to be for the bark buster... here's a pic cause i have some... i had to stand the thing off a bit but now it works just fine... and the last one... here is the bugger that caused the problem...
  11. jersey jorge

    My Yellow to Black Conversion is done.... **PICS**

    Man the bike looks great, don't sell it... work harder at your day job or get the money some other way... this bike needs to be ridden by you in a big way... i too love to mod up the bikes but its a waste if all you were gonna do was sell it... keep it! ride that thing thill the motor pukes and all that black is scraped back to yellow... Motorcycles are more fun for less money than any other motorized sport... sell the car... that thing will be a money pit for a long time and will never put the smile on yer face like the DRZ... there that's my .02... Did i say it looks great?!
  12. jersey jorge

    Vapor sensor installation, w/pics

    Very nice install... great detail... how did you deal with the odo reading? can you program in the mileage from the OEM speedo? how is it to see the unit? very visible? Nice work with the tubing and protection... more pics from your point of view when in riding position...
  13. jersey jorge

    Clark tank, Corbin seat and Unibiker Rad guards

    i did that exact combo... rad guards do not impact it in any way... i just had the bike apart for winter maintenance... tank has 4K miles on it now... the cross bar has started to rust a bit for my taste so that's comming off for a good sanding, cleaning and rust proof paint... i did recall doing some bending to get it to line up so it won't pressure the tank... the aluminum tab was way too long at first so i cut it back and then had to trim out the receiver in the saddle... virtually a no brainer... i ripped the saddle up against a tree and just had it recovered with some sweet 40oz vinly... also got the SDG tall saddle to use for thrashing... tired to get that on and had to trim the receiver plastic once again... now shefits fine... here is a pic... so here is my issue... on the left side there is a tab on the Radiator that appears to rub the tank if i press on the tank of lean it left like with my knee... it touches.. sorry no pic of that yet, i'm going to add some rubber or backerod to keep it from making contact... should be ok. There is also an issue with the choke... the tank blocks the choke so 100 pull out is not doable... but it pulls pasy the first stage and that has always been enough for me... if it ever does become an issue i'll mod that choke... someone did a nice write up about it... might even be with the sticky's I also go the aluminum billet cap... not sure that was worth it... just bling i guess...
  14. jersey jorge

    DRZ Tool Bag Options

    well that's the cleanest bike i have ever seen! git-her-dirty-man! but i do love the otter box! not 100% on the location but by the lack of dirt and dust on that bike my guess is you don't do any off-road... so you might be good to go there... i don't really have a problem mounting it on top of the fender and adding a little lock to keep the busy hands of crack heads out... i was thinking a pelican box but something large than the 2000 otter ... anyone try the smaller Pelicans? Jorge.
  15. jersey jorge

    Newby- DRZ400S

    Welcome Drive... its a great bike... now if you have no intel from the PO's you better get at that swing arm and the bushings and bearings... i just ripped into mine... i have a K2 and had the bike for a year... i should have done it when i got it and got busy riding it all season long... here is what i found... head bearing... where is the lubrication? and here was the shaft... it actually looks worse that it was... cleaned up real nice and now she is properly lubed... but the one that really scared me was the swing arm bolt... took some work getting it out... i used a 3/8 carriage bolt back end on bolt and it took the BFH to persuade it... oh i spray the living crap out of it and set the bike sideways a bit... lubrication never made it in to make a difference... here is when she came out... here too... the pic looks worse that it was, brushed it down with some 600 grit wet sandpaper ( wet it down with Silicone Teflon spray) wiped down and greased everything with Bel-Ray waterproof green grease... when in doubt grease it up wipe it down and repeat... anyway i read a hundred times to lube the bike... i hope this drives that home for those who need to get to it... don't wait... do it now... Jorge.