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  1. guybmoto

    vitalmx......needs to be shut down.

    Thanks for the entertainment.
  2. guybmoto

    Supercross Grand Prix MX photos

    I was at the first GP in the Netherlands last weekend, and it was interesting to compare and contrast to the Nationals. You can check out some of the differences here. http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/features/Valkswaarden-Pit-Bits,3255/Valkswaarden-Pit-Bits-1,11280/GuyB,64 The bottom line is, whether it's in the U.S. or Europe, it's all motocross, and I dig it all. Hope you guys do, too.
  3. guybmoto

    Harley V-Twin MXer?

    Yeah, especially if he used the horn to get you to move over.
  4. Here's the video... Look out, Bubba.
  5. guybmoto

    Day in the dirt sat.

    Saturday photo gallery http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/features/0-2007-A-Day-in-the-Dirt-Saturday,2566/,9261/GuyB,64 Sunday photo gallery http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/features/2007-A-Day-in-the-Dirt-Sunday,2574/,9292/GuyB,64
  6. guybmoto

    Endurocross Vegas EX photo gallery

    I'm finishing up captions, but you can see a bunch of photos (including Taddy's pass on Knight, and the ghost ride afterward) here... http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/features/0-2007-Maxxis-Endurocross-Las-Vegas,2533/,9189/GuyB,64
  7. guybmoto

    Southwick Picture and creative lies

    I'd suggest that's your opinion.
  8. guybmoto

    Southwick Picture and creative lies

    There's no sign visible in the photo. I've also mentioned that I never did see what it said. It's just my opinion, but the fact that they were trying extremely hard to keep it hidden makes me think it said something a whole lot stronger than, "You suck." But again, that's just my opinion. He kept the sign? Was he that proud of it? I really doubt there was time for him to go to the pits, tell anyone, and have them go over there before practice was over. I think you trying to put the weight on James to try and clear your friend's name is laughable. I also don't think he's lost anyone's respect...outside of a few classless idiots. Just curious...where are you in the photo? GuyB
  9. guybmoto

    James Stewart?

    I caught the beginning out of the corner of my eye...he got sideways and highsided, landing on his back.
  10. guybmoto

    What's the deal with this?

    I asked Chad's mechanic, and he said it's centerstand. Chad wouldn't provide any serious answer in the press conference, so I'm going with dog chew toy.
  11. guybmoto

    Villopoto's neck roll...

    Yep, Villopoto wore one last week in Seattle. The stickers on his brace were made by N-Style. Ben Townley also wore the brace at during press day today, and plans on using it for Saturday's race, as well as the outdoor season.
  12. guybmoto

    supercross two strokes

    Thanks for the love, Bambam.
  13. guybmoto

    Leatt-Brace - Yes or No?

    Thanks, rickk. That was probably about 20-25 minutes worth...about all the time I could get.
  14. guybmoto

    Dr. Chris Leatt Interview

    Are you kidding? That's too many words. It would require reading and critical thinking.
  15. guybmoto

    Make up a caption for this pic

    They were having fun during press day in Orlando. RC's still schooling Ryan, but they have fun with it.