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  1. kerosene

    Modding/restoring a 1975 xl125

    Can you create a snorkel to fit the new carb and use airbox? The pod filters don't seem to make jetting any easier.
  2. kerosene

    sl100 / sl125 owners - help needed

    thanks guys, Yeah s90 and cb100 (same forks I believe) have super flimsy 27mm forks that have no damping whatsoever. I am worried about the width as I am trying to make it work with 90's yz80 17" front rim so I can get rid of the old rusty rim and as a bonus get disk brake. The stock rims are very very narrow on 70s bikes so we'll see if it will fit. 150mm is not much.
  3. I would need to know the triple clamp spread of sl100 and sl125 to see if those triples would work on my "custom" setup. So if any sl100 or s125 owners could measure the distance from left to right fork (center to center) I would be very very grateful. I am resto-modding a 66 honda s90 - s90s have absolutely useless front end. I have a pair of 31mm sl100 forks I am planning on using and need to figure out which tripples would work the best. thanks
  4. kerosene

    07 "Pinging" - first ride WTF

    Lean jetting? Checked the plug?
  5. kerosene

    !?!?!?!?not a good decision maker!?!?!?!?

    well I think some guys are making asumption that the original poster is eirther spoiled brat or total newbie. Dime - what is your previous riding experience? It is quite a lot heavier bike than 2-smokes. What is your physical size and previous bike? Have you ever raced? If you don't have a lot of riding experience with bigger bikes I think WR is not going to be the funnest option fo you.
  6. kerosene

    !?!?!?!?not a good decision maker!?!?!?!?

    my advice is to buy used. With careful shopping you can get a good bike for the half the price of new - if you are willing to go to 426. If you get lucky and choose well you'll get good extras with the bikes too. That will leave you money for oil and gas + occasional broken and bent items. Ride it 2 years and you can still sell it for 2 grand - going from 3G$ to 2G$ is less painfull than going from 7G$ to 3-4G$.
  7. kerosene

    WR426 exhaust question

    I have same issue - I have powerbomb header and old style powercore4 that will not take the new quiet insert. I want to put the stick pipe in - preferably the mufler. I don't have any end cap for the stock pipe- will it pass the 96db limit with the stock muffler? or should I buy the pro billet end cap? h
  8. I am getting a new bike (for me new) tomorrow and would like to go somewhere near by to get friendly with it. I am looking for a place where there would be decent flat room for basic drills. Ideally also some woops and trails too. I know Johnson Valley / Lucerne would have all I want but I will be picking up the bike from too far west in the morning to justify the drive all the way to there. Is there anything desrty closer to LA? I don't need anything massive as I will be just playing around this time. I've been once to rowher but I am worried its very busy on Sunday and its mostly blind trails where you can't gun much if you have half a brain and I can't remember them having any lake beds or similar for general ripping around. I think Hungry Valley has somthing like this but everyone seems to think its deadly on weekends. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks. btw. the bike is WR426F... mmm....
  9. Hi, I am 6'4" tall rider and want to buy a better bike (now on lazy XR650L) for mostly desert riding - occasional racing too. No motocross stuff. I am a little bit on a budget and have seen several Yamaha WR426s and KTM 400excs. As I am quite tall I am a little worried about the roomyness of EXC. Any comments or experience by tall KTM riders would be appreciated. I understand that high bars and/or bar risers are on the list on any bike. as I am a cheap rider I am going used - are there significant differences between 2001-2002-2003 EXCs - any major technical issues I should keep in mind or check on the bikes? Thanks, h
  10. Hi, I am 6'4" tall rider and want to buy a better bike (now on lazy XR650L) for mostly desert riding - occasional racing too. No motocross stuff. I am a little bit on a budget and have seen several WR426s in the price range I am looking at. Is WR roomy bike for a tall person? I understand that high bars and/or bar risers are on the list on any bike. How bout WR426 - is there a difference between 2001 and 2002 in terms of reliability etc. I might have bought already a WR450 2004 - but those are not green stickered in Cali so 450 is out of question for me. 2005s are too pricey. My other option is KTM 400EXC - e-start is a nice bonus. I tried one quickly a littel while ago and it felt tiny and feather weight compared to my XRL. Any tall guys opinions on EXCs? Thanks, H
  11. kerosene

    07 husky te250 anyone riding one????

    I am looking into buying a new bike later in the spring and am debating between 250s and 450s My current bike is xr650L withs some desert extras - its a heavy and slow pig that is clumsy in many ways. I tried a buddy's ktm EXC 450 and realized that 100 lbs make a difference... Reasons for me to go TE250 or WR250 are - lighter, not too powerfull - my philosophy is that it better to be fast on a slow bike than slow on a fast one. I am comfortable with big bikes but think form learning point of view small might be better. Thing I am worried about the 250s is that I will run out of juice for not beig enough gain in the weight. I plan on doing D37 desrt races and the faster bits need decent speeds. I also weigh 210lbs or so without gear and am 6'4" so 250 might be something that will feel too small for me. any comments would be appreciated in regards TE250 and a large dude. thanks - and I hope I am not borrowing the thread too much... h
  12. kerosene

    1997 650L in Ohio sells for $2326?

    I apid 1900 for my 1997 with signs of hard riding but considered extras as money I would have to spend anyway - sturdy bottom plate, rear brake guard, flush blinkers, better bars and proper bush guards, big tank etc. Those part already add up to a lot if bought new. So I would definitely say extras put the price up unless it is about silly mods. h
  13. kerosene

    Show your PIG

    helmet cam video from the same ride on a pig: http://www.projectkerosene.com/video/rincon_320-w-soundb.avi
  14. kerosene

    Riding stealthily at night?

    I don't think the idea of killing headlight to ride in dark is very clever. The person practicing to Baja had dual headlights and a HID headlamp - that is 5 or more times of lighting power compared to stock 35w. Wit flimsy led setup you will either crash or ride 3 mph. h
  15. I have a L (and sv 650) and agree with the R guys that for faster street playing R is a better choice. After being used to a street bike (and my sv is no rocket in that territory) L is sluggish - tons of fun in the righ element but R will be faster. I personally mighgt consider the Husqvarna TE610 - sure it is more expensive than Honda, but it is already street legal, kicks serious butt, has 6 speed box etc. There is existing supermoto version which would save you a lot in mods. Unless the modding is the point of your hobby it might be worth a look.