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  1. marcwestbmw

    Tires For 520 Exc

    +1 on the Dunlop D606. I have michelin S12's on mine right now. Great in the sugar sand we have here. But, when they wear out I'm going back to 606's. I ran them on a DR650 that I rode 50/50 street/dirt. I was impressed.
  2. marcwestbmw

    250 to 180, can you help me*****

    When I was 33 I went from 245 to 180 in about 6 months. I was bicycling 70 miles a week, stretched 30 minutes per night, and would do about 20 minutes of ab work every night. My dieting goal was 10 grams of fat per day max. No sugar. Low salt intake. I ended up a vegetarian for about 4 years. I stayed below 200 for about 4 years. Then, gradually, I put on about 4 pounds a year. I'm 45 now, weighing in about 252. It's time to get back on the cardio and healthy food. My goal is 225 by July. I'll achieve this by cycling, some weight lifting, and monitoring my diet. You can reach your goal. It just takes total dedication. If you can get past the first two weeks. You have it licked. Good luck.
  3. If I'm on the map page, I hit menu, setup, menu again, hide city, show nav. If there's an easier way I would sure like to know.
  4. marcwestbmw

    my last DR post. head pipe for free

    Gone to Clearapath.
  5. marcwestbmw

    my last DR post. head pipe for free

    Sold my DR650. Cleaned out all the extra parts. But, came across a header pipe. I had scrounged an extra one to grind the weld. I just never got around to it. It's free just pay for shipping. PM me if you can use it.
  6. Two stroke on the street? No problem in Alabama. How about a plated 1975 KT250 trials bike? See garage.
  7. marcwestbmw

    02 520 EXC Fork Service Questions

    I've been following your posts. I picked up an '02 520 exc Saturday. I too am a KTM noob. So far you've been asking all the questions I wanted to know. I did get the complete KTM portfolio with my bike. It has a separate manual for both the forks and the shock. I really haven't checked them out yet. But, I think they have assembly instructions.
  8. marcwestbmw

    Big tank for 02 520--not 6.6 gallon

    I'm picking up a plated '02 520 exc this weekend. I'm in the same boat. Checking old posts on KTMtalk, it seems to me the MXC tank is compatible with the stock seat. I may go IMS though. I'm cheap.
  9. marcwestbmw

    How far can you ride on a flat....?

    It's more like hand,foot,knee pressure. I'm 250 lbs with gear. So, bead breaking hasn't been an issue. The CO2 cartridges do work. They'll get you inflated enough to ride. A really good seat maybe an issue. Robklx400 has a foot pump he carries. It's rated to 125psi. That should seat one for sure.
  10. marcwestbmw

    Where do you store some real tools?

    Here's my TAT tool storage. I use the stock rack and a Moose tail bag. You can mount the bag hanging over the back of the rack about 3-4 inches. Use 3/4" conduit clips to secure the rear. The tailbag holds my tool roll, 17" tube,tube repair kit, and misc. This will leave you enough room on your rack for other stuff. A front fender bag holds a 21" tube, 3 tire irons, and CO2 cannisters. The original tool storage holds a mini hand pump, bead buddy, and more CO2. I carry Windex,baby powder, and towels in my tankbag.
  11. marcwestbmw

    How far can you ride on a flat....?

    I carry a little Windex to lube it up. So far I've been able to break the bead with just my weight. Hey Fatchance, why don't you ground him.
  12. marcwestbmw

    How far can you ride on a flat....?

    I had a flat with my Saharas and the bead broke before I got out of the woods. Since then I ride with all the fixins to do the front and the back. I've used Slime. It must be a flat repellent. I never pick up nails when using it. I just don't like the idea of the mess If I do pick up a big nail or pinch a tube.
  13. marcwestbmw

    Lacing a new 18" rear wheel to the stock hub?

    BTW, Wheel Wright quoted me $290.00 for 18x2.5, new spokes, and lacing. I thought I would do the DR350 swap. But, I had no luck finding a wheel.
  14. marcwestbmw

    Lacing a new 18" rear wheel to the stock hub?

    I'm doing the same mod. The only reason I'm doing it is for the availability of 18" tires on the TAT. It seems that 17" tires can be hard to find when your in BFE.
  15. marcwestbmw

    she has to go

    PM'd ya