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  1. CRF_Niklas

    '06 Connecting Rod Problem-Pics

    hello, my rod looks the same, but i also have in the middle of the rod some strange spots on the ( ) sides of the rod if you understand? the side to the intake and the exoust side has grey or almost blue 1cm higt and 5-6mm wide spots on both sides and also the same rings on the outsides of the rod, do you think i can run whit this rod? The bike has gone 43.3h Sorry for bad english hope you understand.
  2. CRF_Niklas

    Swedish Backyard movie

    Kanske att man kan komma upp och får köra någon gång? Banan ser go ut! //Niklas, Uddevalla
  3. CRF_Niklas

    06-07 Head

    But does it fitt? The camshaft do i have to change it?
  4. CRF_Niklas

    bogs coming out of corners

    Hammany56! Yes boy! youre right! I had the same problem ones whit my 05.. I changed gas and then it whent like a clock again But the guick shot works! // Niklas
  5. CRF_Niklas

    Best pipe for 2005 CRF250R... (POLL)

  6. CRF_Niklas

    CRF background color?

  7. CRF_Niklas

    Stock main jet size

    172 on mine.. sweden
  8. CRF_Niklas

    Stock valves?

    Hello i have a CRF250 05.. Bone stock! it has 40 easy hours on it.. no problems whit the valves yet! but i wonder.. What to do when the valves are gone? What material is original on in / out valves? Should i by new springs? which? Which valves are the best? stock or others? // Niklas Martinsson Sweden! by the way! I have enormous problems whit my bike stalling when i give full throttle from wherry low rpm.. what to do?
  9. CRF_Niklas

    Strange problem CRF250R

    ok I will tri this.. Thanks! // Niklas
  10. CRF_Niklas

    Strange problem CRF250R

    Yes boysen quickshot.. but i cant se any changes :s Someboby know if i should adjust the quickshot?
  11. CRF_Niklas

    Strange problem CRF250R

    Hello I'm new her and i hope you understand me.. if not ask questions. I'm from Sweden så my English can only be better The problem whit my bike started one month ago and i have not ridden it more then test runs sens theta date. The week before the problem i drowse it like always. I'm a beginner and i drive the bike pretty nice.. I'm not rewen it out on the gears. so the bike is/was in perfect shape! it is a 05 and it got 40h on it. now to the problem. My bike have started to bog as you cal it. when I'm standing on wherry low rpm and turning the gas to max wherry fast! it kills it self.. i know alto of people have this problem.. i wan to know what i can be.. i have Chet the valves and they are great ! no problems whit that on my bike.. newer! and i have cleaned the carburetor 3 times.. and changed the jetting many times. i wonder what it can be? Some people say : Valves Valvesprings Carburetor ignition I have no ide.. i whant you guys opinion.. lets SE what the great Americans can bring Many thinks from Sweden! // Niklas Martinsson guthenburg Jeting now 42, 172.. ask questions if you wonder somthing or if you dont understand my spelling
  12. CRF_Niklas

    Vid of me riding

    Fin den där Nyström!
  13. CRF_Niklas

    Rossi vs Carmichael - I tend to agree with this guy.

    Rossi Is the best.. no question about it! Think one more time and you will see! In mx RC was the best.. but now! Bubba is rocking! // Niklas
  14. CRF_Niklas

    Cool weather jetting?

    does the red needle folow the JD jetting kit? or wher can i by it? what brand i mean? does honda sell them? My CRF250 05 boggs like hell.. have tryde al different jettings the is delivered whit the boke from brand.. Niklas Martinsson / sweden
  15. The silver CRF was werry nice!