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  1. 450exc115

    Stock Chain With 52T?

    Nearlly 99% sure it wont work as my first gearing change was 13/52 and I put a new chain on as my old chain went to a friend with a KX250.. I would have run the stock chain if I could!
  2. 450exc115

    Help with EFI project

    Thanks for the idea... I'm pretty good with tuning EFI as I've done it for a few years on a few cars that have passed though my fingers. Hardest part for tuning the current bike is getting to the code and making sure you don't tune it to the edge and leave margin in it..
  3. 450exc115

    Removing Shock & Changing Spring

    Spring should be either 250mm or 260mm long. Try 6mm of preload on the spring as I may get you close to 100mm of sag
  4. 450exc115

    Help with EFI project

    Yeah but don't steal my business idea... LOL Smacacroni, I apreaciate the comments but the cost to make boards, chips, package, program, etc is not a small investiment. Without endless capital some things are tough to start and finish. But start small and grow into the greater nich would be the plan.. I look at F2 as an example. Great products, great idea, but they couldn't deliver and had manufacturing issues that led to them going out of business. Thanks all for the comments and give me more!!!
  5. 450exc115

    2010 Klx450?

    I haven't looked deep into how the KX or RM EFI works but I assume it has a speed density system with a MAP sensor which should compensate for altitude as long as the tables in the EFI run the gamit of pressure changes. Problem with open loop is the lack of feedback to do fine tuning. As it is this is like late 80s early 90s stuff as there aren't any knock sensors to protect against detination. I don't see Kawi going to EFI on the KLX till it sells better than it has. I'd be surpised if the dealer i bought mine from has moved 5 of them since there release.
  6. 450exc115

    My KLX won't hit a lick

    155 main? That seems really really small.. You need to do the jetting at least. Pilot seems big and the main small. What altitude do you run at?
  7. 450exc115

    Triple Clamps Are there two types

    I don't know of two different sub mounts unless they are talking about two different mounts for 7/8 bars or 1 1/4 bars. I have the setup for 1 1/8 bars and they worked on 06-08 KXF clamps, 08 KLX clamps and on the 09 KXF clamps currently on the bike... FYI my submount is forsale too...
  8. 450exc115

    Venting Carb Lines...

    I did the two lines the cross over the top of the carb in the front. Technically you only need to one to allow air back into the carb so fuel can enter.
  9. 450exc115

    Venting Carb Lines...

    Two lines.. you need 2 1/8 tees and about 3 feet of 1/8 tubing
  10. 450exc115

    tossed the rim locks in the trash

    Run the new tubless setup and you loose the rim lock but have a 100% locked beed due to the design of the system.. I know about 10 guys running them and they love them..
  11. 450exc115

    Venting Carb Lines...

    I run mine into the top of the airbox. you could drill some 1/8 holes into the airbox and just feed them in..
  12. Hi all, I start a thread like this in the general forum but this is probably a better place for it.. I’d like a little help from my friends here in the off road motorcycle community. I started my masters in system engineering and my first class is about project management. I thought it would be cool to do a project on generating a business study on the need for company based on the new technology of fuel injection. If the project goes well (including feedback from you all) I may actually start the business. I’ve generated some questions for some market research. Please answer them as best as you can. 1)How many years have you been off-road motorcycle riding? How would you describe your skill level (recreational, novice, amateur, expert, or pro)? 2)Are you aware that there is an upcoming change in technology from carburetion to electronic fuel injection? 3)Do you see yourself purchasing an off-road motorcycle with EFI? How much does / did your ability to tune the EFI bike play into this decision? Are you excited for the possibilities EFI may hold in performance 4)How much would you be willing to pay for a custom EFI tune:[/font] <LI itxtvisited="1">Down load custom maps on line? (25, 50, 75, 100, 150?) <LI itxtvisited="1">At a store/shop with a dynamometer? (50, 75, 100, 150, 200?) Track side, allowing for the rider to have the bike tuned for the conditions? ((50, 75, 100, 150, 200?) 5)Which of the three tuning methods would suit your preferences best? 6)How often would you buy a custom EFI tune? 1-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20+ a year? Thanks to all that participate! Tom Note to Admin, I email you a little bit ago to see if this was OK but haven't gotten a response so hopefully this is OK..
  13. 450exc115

    chain length

    Best idea, If I told you 116 and it was short that wouldn't be cool.. get a 120 and remove what you need..
  14. 450exc115

    Help with EFI project

    I appreciate all the comments guys. To get it back on track though I will say the buiness model is working with current EFI machines and the current tuners/programmers available for them. To be able to build a efi system or come up with the brain to work with current efi systm would be a big task and take a lot of time to reverse engineer. The questions are general to not lead anyone to a specific answer and get general information from the experienced to the not so experienced. Some of the research is to find if there is a market for it. The cost should be driven from profit margin and operating costs including inventory which without know what people are willing to pay makes it tough to know if the buisness should be started in the first place. As for me and my talents.. 12 years as an engineer 10 years of racing dirtbikes and 5 years of tuning EFI cars (turbo ones) has given me some experience. I am also of the opinion that our current state of EFI is equal to what GM and Ford produced in the late 80s early 90s with OBD1 cars.
  15. 450exc115

    Rekluse EXP vs Rekluse Z-start Pro

    For the type of riding and racing I do I'd probably go for the Z-pro as I want that feathering of the power for the nasty stuff.. Just have to remember to not be in to high a gear as it will put a tremendus load on the engine.. I bet the Z-pro aslo adds to the flywheel effect as the balls and ramp/spring assembly must add some rotating mass to clutch set..