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  1. sd111labrat

    Pros and cons of a 2008 KLX 450r

    If your looking for one. My brother has one for sale. Hardly ridden. Less than 500 miles on it. super good condition. I think he asking around $4500.00 Located near Hutchinson Ks. dave
  2. I installed an FCR37 mm carb on my 2006 KLX 300 last year. The carb came off of a 2001 YZF 250. I go every year to Colorado riding up to 10,000' alt. I had the bike jetted with 155 main and 40 or 42 pilot. I was a little disapointed, it just didn't have the power that I thought it should have. I just installed a adjustible leak jet a few months ago to hopefully fine tune it. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what they use for jetting (main, pilot, needle clip..etc) their FCR37 equipped KLX in the Mountains. thanks for you help Dave
  3. I've got a stock CV off of my 2006 KLX 300. I also swapped it for a FCR. But even better, I installed the DynoJet kit in it before I decided to go the FCR route. The CV runs better than stock now. Let me know if your interested and maybe we can work out a deal. dave
  4. sd111labrat

    going to taylor park what do i need to know.

    The trading post and Holts sell a single track trails only trail guide specifically for motorcycles. Very helpful if you don't know the area very well. It shows mulitple loops you can take throughout the area.
  5. sd111labrat

    Taylor Park, CO videos

    Both the Trading Post and Holts sell a guide that shows different loops you can take throughout the area. It's only for motorcycle single track riding. Very helpful if you do not know the area
  6. sd111labrat

    54-55 tooth rear sprocket

    Does anyone know if you can get a 54-55 tooth rear sprocket for the 450 ?? Currently have a 12 front and 53 back. It's still geared to high for tight trails.
  7. sd111labrat

    12 days till Taylor Park Colorado

    Dirttracker. I just got back from Taylor Park yesterday. We rode mostly the Spring Creek area. Been riding up at Taylor for 27 years now...Awesome place. Anyway, My brother also just bought a 2008 KLX 450 and it ran like crap. It would cut out big time going up the trails. Full throttle was great and idle was great. He installed a JD jetting kit with a FMF slip on. I thought it was the needle, so we raised the clip to 2nd from the top. No change. So it's got to be the pilot right ?? What size pilot are you running in yours ?? It felt like it was running out of fuel at that slower speed. He has an adjustible air/fuel screw and adjusting it did not help either. Anyway, If yours ran great, could you please tell me how you set up your carb for the high altitude. thanks
  8. easy to install. You do not need to do anything but remove the return (push) throttle cable. you use the stock pull cable. you will need to pick up some vent tubes, but you can get these at your local hardware store for a couple bucks.
  9. It is the Bill Blue 34 mm overbore (TM33-8012). Again, it's currently listed on ebay. I have a reserve on it because I'm not going to let it go too cheap. As for the jetting, I rode at Chadwick,Mo this last November and it ran great. So jetting would probably be right on for St. Louis area. Check it out on ebay under KLX 300.....
  10. I'm selling a Mikuni pumper on Ebay. It a Bill Blue modified carb built for the KLX 300/250. I purchased it from him new. Used the carb for about 15 months. It's jetted for around 2000 ft above sea level. No hassles - just install and ride.
  11. sd111labrat

    Bill Blue

    I have a bill blue 34 mm mikuni pumper that i took off my KLX and may be willing to sell it if the price is right. I've had it about a year. probably around 500 miles on it. so it's basically pretty new. His carbs are custom fit into the 300 (plug and play). I ride in Colorado in the summer time so I have the correct jetting for it. Right now it's jetted for Kansas where I live. let me know if your interested.
  12. sd111labrat

    FMF powerbomb header

    Called FMF tech support. All he did was read off his screen on what bike it fit on, he had no idea. So I may be ordering a FSW header now..
  13. sd111labrat

    FMF powerbomb header

    Thanks. I'll give them a call and see what I can find out.
  14. sd111labrat

    FMF powerbomb header

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the FMF powerbomb header will fit the KLX 300 with stock exhaust. I see it's sold for the KLX 250S. I've read here that some say it does fit and some say that it doesn't. I really like the stainless steel look compared to the FSW all black header. Sounds like everyone here has nothing but good things to say about the FSW header and I'll probably go with it if the Powerbomb doesn't work. thanks all....
  15. sd111labrat

    powered up KLX frustration

    Your opinion...Does the header help that much ?? Is it worth the money ?? how much bigger is the FSW header compared to stock ?? I wanting to twist the throttle (2nd & 3rd gear) and left the front end with out having to work at it. Maybe if I went with the FCR, that would happen ....