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  1. zhilmi

    03 250YZF Suspension Setting

    how about the compression and rebound setting? I mean the clickers...
  2. Could anybody help me for the best dial suspension setting for my weight of 145lbs/65kg? What should be the most suitable fork oil level for my weight? I ride mx track most of the time and some trail riding in between...
  3. zhilmi

    Pic's of your little one's!

  4. zhilmi

    Pic's of your little one's!

    This my son Abi...12 years old but consider small size kid...about 4' height...been riding for 2 years...national level 2nd ranking in malaysia...
  5. zhilmi

    KX85 Fork Help

    Hi Guys...sorry for a late reply.My comp hardisk had a crash recently.Anyway...Chaindrive...you did mention manual on-line...any idea of which website do that? It seem that now I have to spend some time on the bike rather than sending it to the usual could not be trusted mechanic. Thanks. zhilmi
  6. zhilmi

    KX85 Fork Help

    Thanks guy for the advises...its been very helpful...any advise for my short sons.The 13 year need a 5 inches wood block for starting and the 10 year need 12 inches block.
  7. zhilmi

    KX85 Fork Help

    Hi Chaindrive Thank you very much for your details explanation.Its been very helpful and I would send a mail to RT. Anyway it is not easy to maintain a YZF, a CR125 and 3 KX80/85. I used to sent all the bikes for any major job to a Chinese mechanic. He rides a WR400 and usually maintain all the local groups' bikes. I feel my YZF fork was quite stiff as I had to set compression at 18 out and dampening at 16 out which is very far from the recommended in the manual.Since I have the manual I dissembled the forks and to my surprise the oil in RH was about 140 but the LH was double which is full. I had serviced the forks and the bearings on swingarm/linkages. Since then I could say I should have done it earlier for the the best ride that I am having now. Next is to check the valve clearance. Good luck to you too.
  8. zhilmi

    KX85 Fork Help

    Many thanks to both of you Frezno and Chaindrive...it help a lot. I will check out about the fork spec.Anyway my sons weigh around 80-100lbs ages from 10 to 16 years old. Is there any advise on how to determine the compression/dampening is optimum? I used to shoot video and watch how the fork and suspension acting during a table top take off and landing. How much gap is needed between the fenders and tires to say that the setting is good. My second son just broke his leg during an overshot last two months. He was just start riding back today. I want to find ways how to set a safe and comfortable ride on the setting. In Malaysia I can see that riders use to set quite stiff for the landing but it lost of comfort and a good traction. Thanks guy
  9. zhilmi

    KX85 Fork Help

    Could anybody help me on how much is the oil level in the fork for 2000/2003 model? Please do not RTFM me as I have no access to the manual. Would appreciate if anybody could mail me on the fork chapter. Thanks.
  10. zhilmi

    Hard to change to third gear

    Thanks guys...i will get it check...
  11. Hi guys...could anyone of you advise me why my yz is very hard to change to the 3rd gear...especially if I rev hard on 2nd...it take 5 to 6 times flip to get it change... zhilmi