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  1. throttleburst

    opinions on pro circuit shock linkage?

    I just read about this part, after a friend showed me an article in one of the MX magazines. I'm hesitant to cough up the cash for this one, but will definitely consider it if it will truly improve the handling of the bike. I look forward to any feedback here. Thanks.
  2. throttleburst

    Warning On Hammerhead Products!!!!

    Once I started reading the posts here, I found it hard to stop. I must admit that I have never ordered a Hammerhead product, but have been quite impressed with the timely and detailed response to this post along with other member feedback. Heck, I'm impressed that the company actively pays attention to all of us here on TT. That being said, I personally have no hesitation with ordering from their organization and giving their products a shot. I am also impressed with the community action against a post believed to be fraudulant or simply and utterly ridiculous. It make TT a better place for all.
  3. throttleburst

    HRP Chest Protector for the Leatt

    Hey all... Just thought I'd chime in here and mention that I have been successfully using the Acerbis Zoom II Plus Deflector without modification to fit the Leatt for awhile now.
  4. throttleburst

    Radiator Braces w/Oversized Fuel Tank

    I have the IMS 3.2 gallon tank and can't get my works braces to fit. The piece that goes over the the frame is what prevents the brace from connecting. Hey Offroadracer, are you using the braces from Works Connections? Maybe it's a problem with the ones for the KX450. Strange. Maybe I'll check out that Clark tank next year or keep an eye out for some other branded brace. Thanks again...
  5. throttleburst

    Radiator Braces w/Oversized Fuel Tank

    Hey everyone. I currently use the Works braces with my stock tank while out at the track, but I run an oversized tank when racing the hare scrambles. Unfortunately, the Works braces will not work with the oversized tank and I was wondering if anyone knows of a brace that may work. I haven't been able to find anything so far.. Thanks..
  6. throttleburst

    Magura Hydraulic Jack Clutch Installation???

    I think I have it as you describe, but a pic would be wonderful.. Thanks Much..
  7. throttleburst

    Magura Hydraulic Jack Clutch Installation???

    I just received the one I ordered (part 0120506) for my '06 KX450 and wonder if anyone else has installed one on their bike. If anyone can provide information on where and how to mount the slave cylinder from the engine housing, it would be greatly appreciated. I think I have it correct, but I'm not sure and the instructions are not very clear...
  8. throttleburst

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    TeamTurtle, I respectfully understand your perspective regarding my post and no disrespect is taken. From my business and investment experience, this company (any company for that matter) works primarily for their investors and their customers. Regardless of how much stock I own, I (and other stock holders) still care about the growth of the company and the increased value of the stock. As a customer and advocate for their products, I care about the quality of their operations and will not do business with or recommend a company that may be perceived as unethical, unfair, or generally questionable. If the customers and investors sit back and ignore the ignorance and poor business practice(s) of an organization, either the company will die and their best products may die with it or we riders that care about safety will lose through price gouging or lack of investment in R&D to develop better products. If these guys are pushing around others in the industry and we are ignoring it, we will all pay for it in the long run. Therefore, I am (we are) involved and this interaction goes beyond that of the simple differences between TT and Leatt. If TT wanted to keep it personal, they would have never shared this ignorance with us as a group. Again, no disrespect taken and no disrespect in return is intended. On the bright side, at least I got you to read the post 5 times and provide a thoughtful response instead of simply ignoring my thoughts in disgust or simply tossing out an unoriginal group of emoticons. That is progress in itself. Peace!
  9. throttleburst

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    To: geoff@leatt-brace.com Subject: Interaction with Thumpertalk??? Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 16:15:44 -0600 Dear Geoff Patterson, As a business professional, motocross rider, Leatt customer, Leatt investor, advocate for the Leatt product, and a casual Thumpertalk member; I must say that your lack of professionalism (if presented accurately) as expressed at http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=485960&highlight=classes is very disheartening and raises serious questions regarding the long-term growth and success of the Leatt organization. I have my opinions regarding supply chain management, marketing, distribution, and other areas of business; but that is neither here nor there. The issue here is simply professionalism and the apparent disconnects among the Leatt staff that could eventually jeopardize the success of the company. After reading this article and personally riding with the Leatt product, I feel like the organization has the technical knowledge and skill to create great safety products, but lacks the necessary business savvy to be a long-term player in the industry. Hopefully, this new perception is completely incorrect and a personal apology to the people at Thumpertalk will be issue sooner than later. Please don't misunderstand my correspondence. I will not personally ride without my Leatt brace again unless a comparable alternative becomes available and such unprofessionalism continues at the Leatt organization. I honestly hope Leatt becomes a successful growth organization that will continue to develop great products to make our sport and other similar sports much safer for the participants. Finally, I remain hopeful that an economic equilibrium of the supply/demand curve will eventually be achieved to increase sales and revenue while getting this protective gear in the hands of more riders and increasing the value of my equity investment and the investment of others that are taking a personal finance risk in the company. Respectfully, Brian H
  10. throttleburst

    Vdr For Sale???

    I just got into riding within the past couple years. I may not be very good, but I really enjoy riding and learning at this track. There is so much to ride and the general community of riders that it attracts are great. I would seriously hate to see this place shutdown. If it does there may sadly be another 450 up for sale. I would also consider buying into a few shares to try and keep this incredible riding area alive. I wish some of the "big money" players in the industry would start to realize that the continued loss of these riding areas will have a direct impact on their bottom line and future earnings. No place to ride equals: No need to own a bike No need to buy parts or gear or fuel Limited areas of the country that will even have the opportunity to produce the future McGraths, Carmichaels, Reeds, Stewarts, Windhams, etc.. Reduced fan base for the televised and/or touring Arenacross, Supercross, or the Nationals events Etc. Etc. Etc. Bottom Line: This StinKS!!! What's next? Erie goes? Rampart goes? Lakewood is only for the advanced rider? Oh Cr@p!! This makes me mad just thinking about the negative possibilities for the future in our area. I'll get off my soap box now... (^*$^%#$^%$
  11. throttleburst

    Jetting? -'06 KX450F for Berthoud and Erie

    Yes. That seems to be the case when I tried it again... I ride at Berthoud and IMI in Erie. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving...
  12. throttleburst

    Jetting? -'06 KX450F for Berthoud and Erie

    The only time it has any impact is when it is completely closed, which causes it to stall. Other then that, it does not seem to have any noticeable effect.
  13. throttleburst

    Jetting? -'06 KX450F for Berthoud and Erie

    I believe the last effort put me at a 42 pilot, 2 turns on the fuel screw, stock needle position, and a 170 main jet. Everything is still pretty much stock on the bike and the Hare Scramble yesterday ate me alive in the first two laps with the stalling problem. The bike seemed to idle fine at the start and didn't indicate obvious issues when running it around for a bit before the riders meeting. I took off from the line and grabbed the clutch to upshift to second before the first turn and it died. I ran two laps with it stalling about 4-5 more times in tight low speed turns and each time when coming to a complete stop to check in at the finish line before I pulled off and increased the idle, which allowed me to at least finish with a little less aggravation. After increasing the idle, it backfired like crazy for the rest of the ride. The HS is always a blast, even though I'm definitely not one of the better/faster riders. Unfortunately, it was a very frustrating 2 hour ride for me this time around. Thanks..
  14. Since I bought my '06 KX450F, I have been struggling to get it jetted correctly for IMI in Erie and Berthoud VDRMX. It stalls way too easy and it's EXTREMELY frustrating. I'm defintely not an expert at this and could use any advice I can get. Thanks.