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    Bible study, anything with two wheels(except harleys).
  1. MxKx

    YZ 125 or 125sx or 250sx

    Hahaha, i totally agree with you, i was gonna say KTM because i own a 125sx. Another reason you should go with the KTM is because it has six gears.
  2. MxKx

    Your MX Unleashed Lap times

    First laps don't count.^^
  3. MxKx

    Your MX Unleashed Lap times

    i was constantly in the 58 second range in Denver sx riding KTM 250sx, i cant tell you the exact time because we sold our playstation2, but it was 58 somthing.
  4. MxKx

    My KX500AF

    First of all I did not know that building a scale model of a stunt biplane was so "artsy-fartsy." And second "shoving a rocket up your butt isn't a good way to learn how to fly"(assuming you mean jumping) is that supposed to mean he has been jumping dirtbikes since he could walk.
  5. MxKx

    Suspension question

    I found a set of '06 KTM 125SX forks on ebay, and i was wondering if the would fit my '03 125SX? Thanks.
  6. MxKx

    Bubba Stewart's parking his bike

    My brother is 18 and he says that. LOL:busted:
  7. MxKx

    Stewart/Preston vid...

    I couldn't have said it any better.
  8. MxKx

    Bottom'd - out!!!

    Whoa! thats the first time i have seen a swingarm point up.
  9. MxKx

    Today was... interesting.

    That was... interesting. Now you have a good story to tell I have a very similar story that happened a few days ago, but I don't want to hijack your thread, I'll post it later.
  10. MxKx

    Riding Behind My House Part 2

    ^^Haha, I took my helmet off because i was taking some pics.
  11. MxKx

    The riding area by my house

    I will have some more pics by tomorrow night, I'm going to go up there again tommorow, this time with charged batteries in in the camera
  12. MxKx

    The riding area by my house

    Thats Chinamans Gulch Loop just south of Buena Vista CO. We would have had more pics but the camera ran out of batteries maybe we will post more tomorrow. BTW I'm his brother.
  13. MxKx

    Poor bike

    Haha, they even have ASV on the license plate.
  14. MxKx

    where in CO?

    Buena Vista