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  1. scot

    New 2007 Carb information

    Krannie, I have a '05 450X and had thought about putting on a Boysen Accelerator Pump. Now I'm thinking about just buying a 2007 450X carb for my '05. Would this work as a simple replacement or would there be more involved? Any idea of cost? I'd appreciate an opinion. Scot in Colorado
  2. scot

    05' 450x milage

    How far will reserve take you? Approximately
  3. scot

    Will a 14T countershaft sprocket fit?

    I'm also getting ready to buy one and looked at both the five10 and fastways. Also, I'm thinking about the 14t countershaft. I emailed five10 and they said theirs will fit, but it is more expensive. Here's a copy/paste from that: "Our guard will work with a 14T front sprocket with no mods." ----- Original Message ----- From: Scot Gillespie To: info@five-10.com Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 10:56 AM Subject: case saver questions for honda crf450x Hi, The stock countershaft sproket on a Honda crf450x is a 13 tooth. I'd would like to change to a 14 tooth. Do you guys make a case saver for the larger sproket? The Fastway product needs to have an 1/8 inch taken off of the inside and I think that would weaken it. thanks
  4. scot

    450x Rear brake light/running light?

    I had the mechanic where I bought my bike do the "pressure switch in and put a resistor in the line" thing to get a brake light. It works great! Everybody else was trying to get me to buy a "UFO kit" or Baja which would have been more expensive and took away the clean look of the stock light. Front Range Colorado elevations from 5000 to 12000 ft 155 main red needle, clip 3 from top 55 leak jet still tweaking the CRFsONLY fuel screw twin air opened air box Need to get radiator braces? or guards? or both? I'm not sure if I need both guards and braces?? Need skid/glide plate
  5. scot

    DVD's for valves, forks, shock and carb

    All the greasing stuff. Supposedly they come into this country low on grease to avoid any problems with the EPA. Some of the experts say to do that right away when you get your bike. Steering stem, rear suspension linkage etc etc. Front Range Colorado Scot
  6. Last evening I put in an extended fuel screw. I didn't see the o-ring come out but couldn't see it in the hole. The washer came out with the old fuel screw but no 0-ring. If it did come out and I didn't see it, how would I know that it's gone?? I thought I was being real carefull and put some white paper directly under the carb. If it's gone, can I get one from the hardware store or does it have to be OEM? I have the tank off for other modifications and will put it all together tonight and start it. Scot '05 crf450x front range colorado
  7. I put a license plate on my 450x and would like to get a second set of wheels and tires. I checked out TT's OEM store and it looks like about $700.00 for a set of stock wheels! Ouch! Does anybody know where I can get a better deal? Is there any advantage to going with a 19inch on the rear like the 450Rs do? Also. I need to get a set of street/dirt tires. Advice? Street speeds will be less than 65mph. I'll run 850cc of transmission fluid and a 14t counter shaft. thanks much Scot in Colorado
  8. scot

    Dropping a tooth on the rear...

    Did have to lenghten the chain?? I'm new at this, so pardon what may seem as dumb ques. I just bought a new 450x and have seen the post about blown transmissions at higher speeds. I'm wondering if using a full quart and gearing it higher may help?? tx Scot
  9. scot

    Oil type question for a 450X

    My dealer recommended Silkolene Pro-4. I've not seen any post about this engine oil. Anybody out there use this or have comments???? tx Scot new unmodified 450x (soon to change)
  10. scot

    Gearing question

    What is the "wrench"?? Is it just the factory manual? tx Scot