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  1. earthmovin

    Anyone up for a ride up to Idyllwild tomorrow?

    no plates but it is good to have a sticker but its wet out so it will be good
  2. Going to leave in the mid morning and hit some fire roads and some back trails some technical stuff. Let me know
  3. earthmovin

    Good 4wheel site

    Thanks the only problem I have now is fitting it in the shed, I got the wr in the front room the quad wont fit thru the door anyone live close with a good chain saw? Thanks you guys are great Im out in stoddard wells m-f until 230 so if you are out there Im back at the gravel mine on the D10 dozer.
  4. earthmovin

    Good 4wheel site

    Just bought a yamaha warrior 350 anyone know of a good site like this one for quads?
  5. If anyone is out there during the week and need some assistance or just wanna stop buy and say hi I'll be out back in the mine of hodges rd. Ill be the one up on the hill pushing rocks off the cliff in the dozer. Theres water there havent tasted it yet, just dont forget a cold one if you do stop. Charlie KEEP IT RIGHT SIDE UP
  6. earthmovin

    Dual Sport Conversion At Dmv

    I hope its 6th not 8th then its all btf. thanks guys
  7. I want to buy this wr for a good price but the guy had some financial problems and had to claim bankruptcy on all his stuff but he kept the bike, has anyone bought a bike like this? Or know how to get the title for this bike cause all he has is the papers from the bike shop or finance co. I know the bike isnt stolen cause Ive called on the vin and its clean? any suggestions let me know thanks
  8. earthmovin

    Dual Sport Conversion At Dmv

    I got a 03 wr 250 with a red sticker but the vin doesnt meet the requirements for a red sticker &%$#@!?
  9. O2 therapy is great, but I cant think of any instances where it has been used in this type of healing, you never know what them chambers might be capable of. Also it might be painful later down the road. I know that o2 therapy is great for tissuse regrowth and co2 desat, so you might wanna check up on it more cause unnatural cracks, spaces in the body tend to push apart in some instaces under o2 therapy