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  1. Wearing 2 pair of shorts does the trick for me. I put the riding shorts on first, and my bombershots over them, (no monkey but)! I like the bomber shorts because they protect my hips and tail bone, you can kill both pains this way.
  2. Does anyone know who makes a skid plate for the new TTR230 Yamaha?
  3. My wife has the same problem with her new TTR230. I found that Koubalink makes a lowering link for the 250 and I am waiting for a reply from them if they make one for the 230. You might want to check them out at WWW.koubalink.com.
  4. In my search for search for a bike with a lower seat hight for my wife and one that would be good on the trails in the Colorado Rockies we chose the Yamaha for price and low end torque. Actually according to Dirt bike or Dirt rider Magazine (I cant remember which one) the test showed both bikes to be identical with the yamaha having a little more low end torque. Ether one of the bikes are excellent trail bikes!