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  1. Putts255

    hand guard for DR 650

    Sorry but the pictures did not work....??? Just go to my space and take a look at the Random Stuff pictures. You will se a few different angles of the hand guards there. Wonder why the pics didnt show up....hmmm http://putts255.spaces.live.com
  2. Putts255

    Tire sizing question

    I just got back from a great day of riding. I really like these tires and for the price you cannot go wrong. Unlike Asshat I took off an old set of Maxxis 6006's to replace them with these, and yes I have the 5.10 back tire as well. I put about 100 miles of mixed trails today and have to say after I reduced the tire pressure I really liked how they handled.
  3. Putts255

    C186 Cheng Shin?

    Well I am back and after 5 hours of trail riding 3 hours in the truck driving and a couple hours of cleaning the bikes and quad and my truck I am exhausted.... I probably put about 100 miles of mixed trail riding on today with the C858's. I forgot to let some pressure out of the tire for the first 45 minutes of riding and was getting pretty pissed off...I forgot my tire pressure gauge so had to feel the air I let out....I will have to measure what it is at tomorrow and report back but I really like these for off road. The front could stand to be a little meatier but they managed well in all kinds of terrain....I took off some Maxxis 6006's and have to say that even though this is my first real trail outing this year, from what I remember the Maxxis, when new, performed a little bit better on the trail (beefier or meatier front tire is a bit better) But for the road the 858's are much better and cheaper. All around I am very pleased with the tire and if they wear as long as everyone has said I will more than likely get another set because they are so cheap....and they perform very well…
  4. Putts255

    hand guard for DR 650

    I just got back from riding and I am bushed. Give me until tomorrow afternoon, it took me 2 hours to clean all the mud and sand off the quad, the TTR125 and my DR not to mention my FJ Cruiser....sorry but I am exhausted and do not want to go back into the garage right now....thanx
  5. Putts255

    hand guard for DR 650

    I bought the EMGO set and did not have to remove the balls just mounted them at the end of the handle bar weights....I think they are a better cheaper alternative. If your intersted in some pic's I can try and take some tomorrow after I get back from my day of trail riding....
  6. Putts255

    C186 Cheng Shin?

    We're going out on Sunday for a full day of riding. My first outing this year in some nice trails a couple hours north of home. Hey Garunner, we are looking for some nice places to go camping this summer anything with lakes etc near where you live that would be worth it?
  7. Putts255

    C186 Cheng Shin?

    I just put a set of C858's on my DR650 and really like them for the road. Will be going off road this weekend and will let you know how they handle next week if you are interested.
  8. Putts255

    Gonna put my Corbin up on Ebay

    Let us know when you put it on e-bay.
  9. Putts255

    Trail Tech Vapor Problems and Solution

    I installed one this spring and I like it a lot. I have experienced, in the last couple days some fog in the display after a long hot ride. I was going to send an e-mail to their tech department for a Whats up with that? answer.... We have had a few wet days and I am wondering how weather resitant these are.....hmmm?
  10. Putts255

    Two Problems, Please help.

    As far as your surge goes, do you have a breather tube? If so is there anyway it is getting pinched? I had the same issue on an older Yamaha I used to have and found that the breather tube was getting pinched as I cruised between a clamp and the handlebar. Just a suggestion....
  11. Putts255

    Plastic Headlight Cover

    Naw, I have been checking every couple days and I did not see it.....if you come across it again please post the link here. Thx
  12. Putts255

    Plastic Headlight Cover

    Well my bike (2005 DR650) still looked pretty new up until a couple weeks ago when we all went out for some riding with some new "buddies". One of the guys who loaded his bike on my trailer forgot to latch down my storage box on the front of the trailer. I drove away without double checking argh! Well we hit highway speed the cover flew up and cause a big tear in my headlight plastice cover. I called the dealer here in Edmonton, they want $100 for a new one!!!! BS Does anyone know where I can get one cheaper? Maybe a good recycle place online or something??? Thanks in advance for any input!
  13. Putts255

    Yet another strange DR 650 noise....

    I had the same problem last year, my first full year I owned it. And I associated it to the heating and cooling of the motor and frame. I have not heard it this year as yet and have already put approximately 1,000 km or 600 miles on it. I already have 6,800 kms or roughly 4,200 miles on it since I bought it in Sep of 05. (2005 DR650) I also switched to Mobil 1 last fall, not sure this has anything todo with it.
  14. Putts255

    Tire sizing question

    I bought these too last fall when the dealer let them go real, real cheap. They are sitting in the shed and I will put them on when I get back into town next week. I think they will work great. I believe I have the 510 for the back and the dealer said that is what they generally sell to DR650 riders..... If and when I put mine on I will let you know. But it may not be until mid next week...
  15. Putts255

    dualsport helmets

    I did a massive search and it looks like they are a Europeon helmet only. There are lots for sale on ebay and they will ship to the US. But the issue is fit and I am not sure you want to order without checking the fit first.... Here is a site that sells Airoh helmets in the UK.... http://www.clubpromoto.co.uk/site/shop.php?sid=2