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  1. dirtman635

    honda performance mod

    could you send me a pic too
  2. dirtman635

    94 cr250 any good?

    im thinking of buying a 94 cr250. what do you guys think?
  3. dirtman635

    Throttle Cable

    just rotate the throttle so that the cables are under the bars. its not hard to do
  4. dirtman635

    need a pipe

  5. dirtman635

    need a pipe

    i need a pipe for a 88 xr600. anybody know where i can get one?
  6. dirtman635

    88 xr600 header

    will a header from another year fit on this bike?
  7. dirtman635

    a-loop kit

    anybody got one for sale?
  8. dirtman635

    a-loop kit

  9. dirtman635

    IRC tires

    i have a 120/100 on my 250 and it works just fine.
  10. dirtman635

    Magura for an '03 XR250

  11. dirtman635

    a-loop kit

    im looking for an a-loop kit for my xr250. if you have one your willing to sell please pm me or e-mail me at dirtman635@netscape.net. thanks
  12. dirtman635

    cr125 fenders

    so the cr125 rear fender will fit?
  13. dirtman635

    cr125 fenders

    will 2001 cr125 fenders fit on my 96 xr250?
  14. dirtman635

    1990 xr250 raer wheel

    will a 1990 xr250 rear wheel fit on a 97 xr250?
  15. dirtman635

    fork brace

    you live in southern california?