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    Our son loves his TTR-50! Yes modded ones are really cool, all the big guys at the dealership / services dept we got it at has one. Our son is just 8 and all though a couple of months ago fit well on his stock 50 he is now starting to get a little big for it so it is slowly getting modded. He already has the BBR pipe, in the anodized blue! The open airfilter, and new jets to go with that new pipe. For christmas he is getting the big bar kit, unfortunately BBR does not have these available yet so we had to go with the GYTR. Soon will come the big foot bigs and then the kick starter, eventually he will get the big bore kit but really isn't ready for more power yet! The great thing is he can never out grow this bike, it will always be a fun little toy even when he starts racing the bigger bikes.
  2. Yahmama

    8 yr. old first bike?

    I agree that your going to have to take him in and sit on them both before you decide. I also have a little 8 year old 4' and 55 lbs. When we bought his bike in Sept he couldn't fit on the ttr-90 and we opted for the ttr-50, now he looks big on it. Matter of fact he is getting the new GYTR big bar kit for christmas, he should fit on it forever now! (Yes it was even on his Christmas list) I would stay away from the kx65 until he learns how to ride and is ready for all that power, otherwise you may scare him into never getting on another bike for years. -Darcy
  3. Yahmama

    TTR50 or 90?

    My son started riding this summer on a PW50... We were really looking at the TTR-50 but we kept getting the "they should be in anytime" week after week, and with summer quickly ending we settled on the PW. We tried and tried to get him onto to that TTR90, but it was his first bike and he could barely reach with one tip toe leaning over the side. We thought one good crash and we will never get him back on it. We settled on the PW50, with in 2 months we upgraded to the finally available TTR50, and the kid rides it great. He loves his bike and is not scared of it, although he is 8 years old now he is just 48 inches and 55 lbs. The great thing about the 50 is with all the aftermarket upgrades he technically would never outgrow it. So if you can take the couple hundred hit I say go for the TTR-50 let him learn to ride and them move up to the 90... But then again I am the mom and we tend to be more conservative when it comes to our little boys.. Which ever you choose I am sure he'll love it! The ttr50's are bigger and a lot heavier than the PW50's -Darcy