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  1. rush2112

    Fleetwood Evolution E3

    You will need to get the furnace if you are going to camp in the winter. We found that the heat strip on the air conditioner is a waste. Air coming out never got over 73 degrees.
  2. rush2112

    Durhamtown Single Track

    That is a good trail to ride but not as tight as it gets on the property. I wish they wouldn't have put green arrows on 6 cause you know the 4 wheelers are going to try it soon and rut it up.. Did you hit any of the single TIGHT track on the other side of the property???? Man I'm glad I live 40 minutes away......
  3. I was in the tire business and I have to say that I wouldn't put anything from Pep Boys on a 250. I sold Firestone, Bridgestone, and Michelin and I would recommend going up to a 265/75/16 and looking at the Bridgestone Dualer AT with Uni-T or step up and get the best, the Michelin LTX-MS in the 265 load range E. I currently run the 285's on my truck in the Firestone Destination AT and love it but not a load range E.
  4. rush2112

    RV Water pump

    always nice to see other RUSH fans....
  5. rush2112

    attitude toy hauler

    Go to www.trailerlife.com and look in their forum for toy haulers for all the info you need. You can also go to www.rv.net as well.
  6. rush2112

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    OK, I'll vouch for her. She can ride. But what she really does well is make PB&J's for lunch. See below. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d40/ckrumm/IMG_9295.jpg
  7. How bout trying a condom???
  8. rush2112

    Need Advice on Tires

    I would say yes, I looked at my receipt and if I hadn't worked there it would have been close to 360.00 out the door with lifetime balancing.
  9. rush2112

    Need Advice on Tires

    On a limited budget, go with the same thing you have now. If you want a tire with a little more 4X4 look to it then get the Destination AT. If you want to spend a little more money then the Bridgestone AT Revo is a good tire. The best thing about all three is they have Uni-T which is a technology that has been proven to give a good ride. Of course Firestone makes their Dayton line that's cheaper with no Uni-T, Goodyear has their cheap brand in Kelly, which wasn't a bad tire when we sold them but not up to par with the larger manufacturers. I agree with another post that the BFG's are not a good buy. I'm currently running the Destination AT's on my Excursion as they were one of the only AT tires offered in load range E. I love them so far. My wife ran a set of the LE's on her Exploder that she used to drive. We always would tell people with this vehicle if you want a really good ride without shake then you needed to ride the LTX. I knew I was selling the Exploder so I decided to try the LE's. 20K miles on them and I was more than satisfied with the performance at the price I paid. Overall the Destinations are probably going to be the best tire for the money that you want to spend. Don't look at the Dueler HT's or HL's. POOR wear on almost every vehicle we tried them on. Had a Chevy dealer that sent all their Tahoe's and Suburbans to us off the truck to change the tires to Michelin or Firestone's. Of course we went to LT tires to give better stability due to more ply's in the sidewall. This is key on the larger vehicles. Lots of my opinions but I tell it like I saw it. Hope this helps and doesn't confuse.
  10. rush2112

    Need Advice on Tires

    Sold Yoko's too. I would prefer going back to the Destinations. Most of the Yoko's we sold for trucks would wear fast and uneven. What size tire are you planning to purchase?
  11. rush2112

    Need Advice on Tires

    If you are looking for the Michelins, you may want to get your local dealers opinion on the differences of the LTX and the Cross Terrain. I was a dealer for them 2 years ago and I have to say the LTX will hold up to what you are wanting to do much better than the Cross Terrain. As far as double the tradwear rating, the LTX is not rated as a miledge tire like the Cross Terrain, but I will put money on it that the LTX will run longer. Also if you want to go to a larger tire than stock, then look at the LTX in a LT size. This will help stability when you are towing that trailer or anything else that you wish to pull or load in the bed of the truck. JMHO.
  12. rush2112

    Need Advice on Tires

    Safari MSR's are mud tires with big lugs. Not going to work well for your driving. The Toyo's have been popular but if you want the best, get the Michelin LTX-M&S. Best tires money can buy for that truck if you want to use them over the road. They are ok in minor mud and snow as well. Don't get fooled that the Michelin Cross Terrains are the same, they are not. The LTX is Michelins premium tire and will last a very long time.If you want to save some money and still get a top quality tire then look at the Bridgestones listed above, and if you really want a good tire at a great price then get another set of the Destinations.
  13. If you buy enclosed, make sure you can fully stand up inside. I have the scars to prove that this advice might be the best you receive.
  14. rush2112

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Oldie but goodie... If you had to choose????? http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d40/ckrumm/gallery_710_1_4643.jpg