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  1. read this it will tell you how to post pics It keeps the tire from sliding on the rim and tearing the tube at the valve steam
  2. yeah it is the rim lock. For gods sake please wash that thing!!!!! haha just messin
  3. Rim Lock most likely
  4. Birdy426 you got you #'s confused: Example 80/100-21 Would be 80mm wide, then the 2nd # is the aspect ratio, in this case 100% of 80mm You have the two switched in your description. 1st # tire width in mm 2nd # percent of sidewall to width 3rd# rim size
  5. How much coolant is being lost? I have noticed if i try to keep the radiator full it always blows out coolant to the top of the core (as looking in through the cap). So i stopped refilling now coolant never changes always at top of core. wont say it is common i have noticed the same on other bikes with no issues on any of them.
  6. So you are saying once it is running it only fires every other revolution??? I am pretty sure there is an engineer in Japan that figured out a way to make a bunch of things happen all at once.
  7. Is this it?
  8. Please explain, that is just a bit vague
  9. Yes it is the same , will bolt right up
  10. I assume you are asking about welding because Yamaha does not sell the part without out buying a whole caliper, but you can buy a Honda caliper hanger fairly cheep and be done with worrying about the quality of a weld. Honda part # 45190-MEN-006 Hope this helps!
  11. They will fit!
  12. What's The Best Way To Break-In A New Engine ?? The Short Answer: Run it Hard ! See this link:
  13. The best investment i have ever made. imo That and a set of Fastway pegs. Maybe it is just in my head but i feel like i can charge harder and ride faster longer because of the stabilizer. I ride both woods and moto about a 60/40 split. Also, as a note as a taller rider (6'1") i run an under bar and really like the higher bar position. For sure worth every dollar even if it is a bunch of them!!
  14. You did not mention year of the bike in your post but i would suggest also cleaning the oil screen. It can clog with clutch material and restrict oil flow! #2 in this picture for 2005 and back #17 in this picture for 2006 and up
  15. A couple of questions: intensem1rider - didn't the yz250f always come with ti valves? If I am not mistaken the 2000 yz426f was the last yamaha mx 4stk with ss valves. & williamsmotowerx - I agree it is probaly not the end of the world, but what is the reason it is not recommended? In the past I have been told the yz 4stk valves a not coated like the honda's is this true?