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  1. Looks great. May want to replace the brake fluid and water when you get a chance (didn't read if you had already done so...)
  2. It pulls fine at WOT or any other throttle setting until around 75% of the ren range, then it just falls flat. It's pulling but barely and not very hard. Honestly the way it's described on the first post of this thread makes a lot of sense. If the CDI isn't advancing the timing then it will feel exactly like how the bike is running now. From idle to the top of mid range it works perfectly. From there on out, it's like the bike pulling with about 1/4 power.
  3. Charlie, I've asked around and almost everyone says the FMF Fatty should pull hard up top too. I don't have a stock pipe to try out or I would and there's no on local around to even loan me a pipe to test. I'll keep scouring eBay for one and look around and see what I can find. I just know what it's not. The stator is brand new. The coil/wire is brand new. Top end is brand new. (180+ on the compression) Bottom end is brand new. Reeds are brand new. FMF fatty is brand new. FMF spark arrestor is brand new. Carb is brand new (and properly tuned). The only thing I haven't checked is the CDI and there's no real way to test it to see if it's working correctly. It's not really a change in powerband I am feeling, it's absolutely NO PULL above 75% throttle. It's just as flat as can be. Most 2 strokes pull like crazy up top. Mine's more like a Yugo up top. haha.
  4. Yes, that's what suXors about ignition troubleshooting. I found one on eBay but he's selling the whole shebang for $100.00 and won't sell just the CDI. A new one on ServiceHonda is 187.00. I don't feel like ponying up $200 for something I am not sure is even the culprit. I'll keep scouring flEaBAY to see what's out there.
  5. I posted the problem on the dirt rider forum. Someone posted this in reply and it makes a LOT of sense... Now, where can I get a CDI that I know works for 1992-1996 CR250 that won't cost me the farm?!
  6. I have no issues with splooge. My bike runs GREAT down low. In fact from 0-75% throttle it runs and behaves like a normal cr250. It's that last 25% of the throttle where it pulls like with about 1/4-1/2 of the power and thrust I expected. Certainly nothing like a stock cr250 would.
  7. I don't Is there no way to test the CDI before I go dropping more cash to fix a problem that may or may not exist?
  8. What are the characteristics of a bad CDI? Would the bike even run at all if the CDI was bad? Could it be possible that the CDI isn't working right in the upper RPM band and that is keeping the bike from really taking off like it should? I really don't think it's jetting. It ran GREAT with the 175 main and the stock pilot and needle settings, it just would not rev out like a normal 2 stroke does. I tried talking to a tech today but the guy was a total jerk and wouldn't even let me finish my sentences. I will try the WOT jetting test to see if the plug is lean or rich (or perfect) at WOT. FWIW, the bike ALWAYS fires up on the first kick and low to mid throttle is perfect. Best throttle response I've ever seen on a 2 stroke. It just won't do much on the top end at all.
  9. All of that makes complete sense. What is bugging me is that no matter what I do, it does not effect to top end rev range. New carb? No effect. Bigger MJ? No effect. Pull choke at WOT? No effect. The ONLY thing I have not done is change the pipe to see if that is the culprit. With the 75mj and everything on the carb set to stock the throttle response was PERFECT - except on the top end where it just falls flat. No matter what I do or change on the bike, it won't pull hard on the top end like a solid 250 2 stroke should. That has me flabbergasted. Now, if I eventually find a stock pipe to test my theory out and that works, then I have found the problem. If I do and it doesn't change the top end then maybe I will go back and check the reeds, check the exhaust valve again or I may just see if I can find a new cylinder and redo the top end. I am really tired of this problem. Maybe taking it to a dealer will help?
  10. Yes, if the float is off it will run rich. I'm going back to the 175 and will put the needle at the #2 clip to see if that helps. I'm going to see if I can find a stock exhaust to check. If that doesn't work I am taking it to the dealer. I am tired of fighting this bike, haha.
  11. Well I put the 190 in there and it runs worse. In fact, it was surging at idle and spewing excess fuel. Definitely a 190 is too much..... I still think it's the crappy Fatty pipe....
  12. I agree. But down low and mid it's perfect. Up top is just has nothing. If the MJ is too small then going up on the main and adjusting the needle may be just what the doctor ordered. I can tell you this, right now I am willing to try anything to get the bike to put some power up top! LOL
  13. At your weight you probably need lighter springs front and rear....
  14. Ok that is where we differ. I have the FMF Fatty. Otherwise I have the same spark arrestor. I will swap to the 190 and see if that makes any difference.
  15. Well then maybe that is my problem too?! I am running a 175 and it's flat on top. The bike does run pretty hot too so if it's majorly lean then that explains the extra heat.... I'll swap the MJ tonight and see if that helps. Does your bike over-rev now? What pipe/exhaust are you running?