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  1. Thanks for the tidbit. I did not know that, I have tried to find out the difference so ther is another difference, the wheels the brakes and the swingarm anything else?
  2. I dont think they have any tracks around me, I am in new orleans area?
  3. still kinds lost, you ahve any good sites? so you change the tires and the brakes and the ssupension? and the track is part dirt and part road??
  4. So whats the deal, is this just street tires put on the dirt bikes? I have never seen the races nor talked to anyone about it. I heard that it is a blast, so do you jsut put street tires on? what makes it so fun, whats the difference between that and street bike riding/racing? I mean other then the obvious?
  5. they dont let you test drive the bikes around here! or that would be a good idea.
  6. I also looked at the kx's they had and the rm's we dont have anywhere around here with ktm. but I wanted four stroke for sure. I had enough with the 2 stroke maintenance.
  7. I took my boy to the shop today to measure him up, 90 to small for sure, fits the 125 model pretty good, I am jsut nervous aobut the power, but I think he is smart enough to control it, few wrecks and he will be I guess. the 125L was to big for him, or I would opt for that one, but I guess I can change up the regular 125 if I need to later on, with some suspension and bigger wheels. I think for myself I will have to go with the 250f, I know I will want to jump and well you know be a kid again, so I would probably ride to hard for the tt line, I do like the crf's though, I am jsut to hung up on yamaha, everything I have had has done me good and been yamas.
  8. great info thanks. I am probably pushing toward the 125 just not certain. the auto tranny makes learning easyier, but I kinda feel at his age he should be shifting manually. now my 6 year old daughter is an easy one 50cc for sure. she rode the pw 50 I had too and I had a raptor 50 four wheeler that both kids rode, but that thing was poo. no what is your take on a bigger bike I am thinking a 230 for me? or should I go to a yzf250? it id to much bike to ride with the kidos.
  9. I am lookin into getting a couple bikes. I have a 11 year old riden a little on a pw50. would you get a tt125 or the 90 for him? what do you think? I had actually bought him a yz 85 last year and ther ewas no way he could rid it, the 80 class come a long way since I had one thanks.