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  1. tmex

    Victorville WORCS, Lance Smail?

    You can't. Sounds completely bogus to me especially at this level. I've never had this problem either in just as many years of riding.
  2. I agree. Even Cycle News, whose journalism I generally like, had a very biased article about the KTM with no mention of the Husky. Those who did not know better would have definitely been MISLED. Makes you wonder if you can believe what they say about things that you don't know better. Very sad journalistic effort IMO.
  3. tmex

    2006 TE510 Suspension settings

    Actually the back end feels OK. The front does not seem planted. I have reversed the bar risers from the stock rear position, but I do not have a reference for the height of the forks in the triple clamps. I am at work now so I will check that when I get home. The front seems to deflect off things a bit more than I would like. The rebound damping actually seems a bit light even going two out from stock settings. Right now I am about four out from stock on the front compression damping and it feels close but no cigar. Overall the front feels like a pogo stick compared to the WP's on my good friend's 525EXC.
  4. OK my TE510 is broken in, but I still can't seem to find the "happy zone" on the suspenders. Where are you guys running the clickers front and rear, and what sag seems to work best out back? BTW, I go about 200 suited up with tools and camelback. Thanks in advance.
  5. tmex

    Valve adjustment please help

    I seriously doubt if any dealer red, blue, or orange checks the valve clearances before delivering the bike. Get real. Why should he? It just came from the factory.
  6. tmex

    06 TE450 computer..no readout

    The stock displays are are junk - very poor design. I would not even bother trying to fix one. I would the go the aftermarket route.
  7. tmex

    Stealth Fuel Screw?

    Why would you expect any fuel screw to act differently than the Kouba with respect to affecting the idle. That makes no sense whatever.
  8. tmex

    Does standing give you more control?

    You are talking about riding a motorcycle right?
  9. tmex

    Break in using MotoTuneUSA method?

    Ditto here. I ride it from the getgo just as I intend to ride it forever. I also change out the oil after a couple of hours of first use.
  10. tmex

    Anyone with a 250/510 that overheats?

    TE510 here, and no over heating issues whatsoever. I have had it in some tight stuff with rider log jams in 95F+ weather.
  11. I own a couple of KTM 300's, a KTM 400EXC, and an 06 TE510. They are all really good bikes. Each has it's strong points. The 300's are super fun to ride, but the 510 and 400 are sweet because of the plates, and are also a joy to ride. You really cannot go wrong with any of these bikes. Both the 400 and the 510 have short stroke motor and carry the weight low so they are the most two stroke like of any four strokes I have ridden. Lafferty wins National enduros on the 400EXC, so it is no slouch in the power department either although it is not nearly as strong as the 300 or the 510 (or the TE450 for that matter).
  12. tmex

    TE vs TC difference?

    Scotty, are you absolutely/positively sure about that?
  13. tmex

    07 Te510s Are here !!!

    I think coffee knew that...
  14. tmex

    Clarke tank on '06 TE250?

    I have the IMS on my 2006 TE510 and the fit was fine, and it looks good on the bike. The Clarke tank looks ugly IMO. Don't know about fitment issues.
  15. tmex

    chain lube

    Correct. Lube has no benefit on an o-ring chain and only serves to attract particulates which ultimately turn into a grinding compound. WD40 after a ride to prevent rust is all you need. After a wet ride I take the WD40 to the chain as soon as possible.