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  1. Trying to plan a ride the last week of March in Southern Oregon. We were orginally thinking of heading to Prospect but the trials dont open until June or July I guess. Looking for an area to camp and hopefully several days worth of trails. The tighter and more technical the better. Thanks for the help!
  2. Desert CRF

    Shock tuning help needed...

    I'll check the rebound setting tonight. So you think it could be caused by too much rebound damping allowing the shock to pack? It usually only takes one hit to get the kick rather than successive bumps where you would usually see packing...
  3. Desert CRF

    Shock tuning help needed...

    Yeah, I had it serviced a couple months ago... I'm going to go back to the base settings and start over at some point but for the short term I'm hoping someone has some insight into the kick. I'm thinking maybe my high speed compression is set to too soft?
  4. I have an '06 CRF450R that I run around the desert on. Over the last couple years of riding the bike everywhere from Baja to the tight woods I've experimented with lots of different clicker settings to optimize the ride. Well, I've managed to develop a very dangerous shock set up where hitting a stray rock with the rear generates a violent kick and swap. I'll occasionally get a kick running the whoops but it is deadly on stray rocks hit at speed. Give me your thoughts... Sag and springs are correct. Thanks.
  5. My wife’s 2003 YZ250f has always been a little finicky about starting but the last few times we had it out it flat wouldn’t start even when warm without the choke on. With the choke it starts warm and cold no problem. Once running you could turn the choke off and it would run and idle. It has been pretty cold so I decided to yank the 40 pilot jet and try a 45 but that didn’t seem to help and may have actually made it worse. The intake and airbox boots are tight. Starting to wonder if the front boot could be cracked... Any thoughts? The valves are in spec and the piston only has 10 hours.
  6. Desert CRF

    Honda Pit Prices for 2007 Score races in Baja

    Are they only supporting 450's and 650's?
  7. What's the stock pilot jet on an '06 CRF450R? Need to buy some brass and don’t have the bike handy... Thanks.
  8. Desert CRF

    Pop Stall

    While ridding usually... If I whack the throttle hard coming out of a tight corner it will pop stall 50% of the time. If I roll the throttle on gently it will pop stall 25% of the time. Since I desert race the bike, this is very inconvenient to say the least. Also, when it's hot it will some times die (pop stall) coming off idle from a dead stop... HELP!
  9. Desert CRF

    Pop Stall

    I've tinkered with the AP timing a bit and it seems pretty good. I also tried a one size larger leak jet and that hasn’t helped at all. If the pop stall is a function of too much fuel then I know which direction to go but I'm not convinced that's the problem...
  10. Desert CRF

    Pop Stall

    What exactly is the bike doing when you have a pop stall? Too much fuel, not enough fuel??? I hate when you come out of a tight corner and whack the throttle and the bike coughs and dies. '06 CRF450
  11. Desert CRF

    Weird Throttle Problem

    I had a similar problem recently at WOT and suspected that I had some debris in the carb. I pulled the float bowl and found a strange rubbery chunk in the bottom of the bowl drain. It was getting sucked against the opening in the main jet and trying to kill the bike.
  12. OK, I'm trying to dial in my pilot circuit but my fuel screw has almost no affect on carburetion. I can screw it all the way in and all the way out without changing RPM or throttle response perceivably. Is my pilot jet too big or??? Bike is an ’06 CRF450 with otherwise stock carburetor settings. Thanks guys.
  13. Desert CRF

    This Is Just ridicoulous-AP mod thrd

    On JD's web site I see a Leak Jet kit with no mention of the O-rings for 25 bucks and I also see a "Power Surge Kit" witch includes "pump jets" and "pressure bands" as well as a pump diaphragm for 45 bucks. Are pump jets and pressure bands code for leak jets and o-rings? I want to try this world famous AP mod with the o-ring option and a larger leak jet but I'd like to be sure I'm ordering the right kit. Thanks fellas.
  14. Desert CRF

    Sprocket sex! Titanium/Chome-Moly!

    Did you have a problem with an Ironman sprocket or just trying something new?