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  1. dirtbikeD

    Desert Riding Near Las Vegas

    Trail Boss he did'nt know the trail.it was his 1st time on it....
  2. dirtbikeD

    Desert Riding Near Las Vegas

    So how come Jaybird is in front:moon:
  3. dirtbikeD

    new to this site....

    Its an alright bike. really nice truck........
  4. dirtbikeD

    nelson ride

    going to nelson hill sat.the 26th if anybody would like to go ..be there by 6 am. or 5:30 at rail road pass .. blue frontier green bike and orange bike.. early to beat the heat......
  5. going to cold creek sat. the 29th . you peeps a welcome to ride with us if you like will be there at 5:30 am on the trail by 6:00 am to beat the heat.
  6. dirtbikeD

    cold creek ride

    ok peeps going again on the 1st if you want to go. on bikes by 6 or 6:30 before it gets to hot......
  7. dirtbikeD

    cold creek ride

    going up to cold creek in the morning for a ride i'll be there a 5:45 am on the trail at 6 am if anybody would like to go . 95 north to the prison turn left go up the hill to cold creek broken down building on the right. be driving a blue nissan p/u .3 or 4 hr. ride.....
  8. dirtbikeD

    vegas ride anybody

    OK peeps for those that can go up to cold creek we will meet at the Santa Fe hotel north parking lot at 6:00 am for eats at the coffee shop. I'll be driving a blue 4 door Nissan p/u with a green Klx 400. the ride is all dirt and fast. the loop is about 40 mile.try to do at about 3 loops if we can. or just ride up and over to wheelers pass and play a bit.......... Brian your going to ride the 475 i hope.see you sat. peeps
  9. dirtbikeD

    vegas ride anybody

    anybody up for a ride at coldcreek sat. may 20th.i'll post a plce to meet and a time later in the week.should be nice and cool up there...
  10. dirtbikeD

    help on a part please .....

    can some one tell me will a high flow ltz 400 water pump impeller work on a drz 400 or klx 400 ......
  11. dirtbikeD

    Noob in the mad house.

    the backet is for the head light
  12. dirtbikeD

    water pump

    will a high flow ltz 400 water pump work on a drz 400, any help will be great.. thanx
  13. dirtbikeD

    logandale trail ride vegas

    may not be the iron skillet, but we are going to meet at 7:30 not 9:00. from the truck stop dinner right at the speedway exit. like to see you guys..... far riding at logandale...
  14. dirtbikeD

    logandale trail ride vegas

    hi peeps, sat april 8 trail ride in logandale trail system fun ride,like to get a few peeps going, fast , slow dont matter. just have fun ... meet at the iron skillet on I/15 and lv speedway at 9:00 am. i drive a blue niss. p/u with a green klx 400 in the back. good riding out there........
  15. dirtbikeD

    bike arrived in vegas....

    brian let me ride it , that bike kicks a** lots and lots of power ...