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  1. wow that is sooo nice and those rims look amazing!!!
  2. this is the only one that I have
  3. here is my play bike xr80 and my pit bike xr50 that will soon have mods
  4. no it cant be gold is the softest metal
  5. yes it is way to small you need like a kx100
  6. its a 2 stroke so there is no engine oil its mixed with the gas but you do need to change the transmission oil
  7. Those are the ones that I just ordered I got the black and green and comes with aluminum mount.
  8. Which color do you think will look better on my bike? Black or white I dont really want the green because its too plain http://www.motosport.com/offroad/productDetail.php?prodId=214802&nav=3&sMMY= or these the black and green ones http://www.motosport.com/offroad/productDetail.php?prodId=83223&nav=3&sMMY=
  9. I think the black looks much better
  10. I've been wanting to go there but just never went maybe this summer il go
  11. ^^^^same lol^^^^
  12. Does the wr250 have the same engine as the yz250? What Im trying to say is will the wr be more reliable then the yz? Will there be less maintenance on the wr like not having to change the valves as often as the yz?
  13. Im going to the dealer sometime this week because it's out of state and it has both bikes so il let you know which one I got when I get it
  14. How come you would go blue for the 06 and 07's?