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  1. krausemouse

    2015 YZ250FX spark arrestor

    I bought a Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor End cap for a trip to Montana I just completed. It was really easy to install and the spark arrestor insert can be removed in about 2 minutes. I haven't yet ridden it at "normal" elevation which for me is 1000 feet above sea level in Minnesota. The FX ran fine in MT but I was always about 8 or 9k feet and I could tell it lost power...not sure how much of it was due to the spark arrestor but I doubt much. At $150 I thought it was my best option and it's easy to swap in and out.
  2. krausemouse

    YZ muffler in 30 minutes or less

    How did the power feel after you removed the baffle F-Pilot?
  3. krausemouse

    YZ 250 FX Handguard setups

    I was running Cycra until I changed to the Twisted Engineering flex bars and then you need to run their handguards. Loving the bars by the way. Takes a lot of the edge off of hard/quick hits. The bars and the SSS forks are an amazing combo.
  4. krausemouse

    250fx vs ktm300

    I'm riding a 250FX this year and was previously on a 2009 and 2013 KTM 300 XC. Before that a 2010 Husaberg 450. I loved the Husaberg 450 motor and the 250FX isn't far off from a low-end horsepower feeling. What I love about the FX: the suspension is awesome; starts super easy; very resistant to stalling at slow speed; mild power that doesn't make you constantly be on your game What I don't like: on/off power in low gear (getting used to it); a lot more shifting (this is my first ever 250f so I'm getting used to it). What I loved about the KTMs: Power anywhere and always. Quiet compared to four strokes. Light weight. Easy to putt around in extreme conditions without stalling or getting hot. Felt a bit like a mountain bike with a motor. What I didn't like: front fork was flaky and hard to dial in; power could go from mellow to scary really fast...especially when you're tired. Whisky throttle is always nearbye, even with the yellow powervalve springs. I always found a way to dent the pipe. If I could, I'd have both and probably ride them equally as often. Knowing what I know now and having to pick one...it would be the FX. When you get to more open trails or MX, the 250FX, just by being a 4-stroke, is smoother and easier to ride.
  5. krausemouse

    YZ250FX ride report and setup.

    Hi guys - I've been riding the FX a bit more these days in the woods and I get more impressed with every ride. I believe it's time to get some stiffer springs fore and aft but I'm not sure what rates. Many on this thread (HSriderCRF250R, fire1998, Glenn 141, Transmoto and F-Pilot) are relatively close to my weight and have all talked about possibly getting revised spring rates. I weigh 200 without gear, 230 with. I am a bit confused because we set the sag at 99mm this weekend and that resulted in static sag of 30mm. This doesn't seem out of whack and screaming for a stiffer spring. The bike handles and turns great but I know I'm heavier than what the bike was likely made for. I'm a mid-pack A rider who does mostly hare scrambles. Would love to know where you all landed (if you have) and how you like the changes you've made. Thanks. Tom
  6. krausemouse

    Yamaha YZ250FX 2015

    Loving the FX. Back to Yamaha after Husabergs and KTMs. Loved the 300s and worried I might miss them in the slow gnarly stuff. But, the front forks on the FX are truly worth having the bike alone. Power is crazy compared to last 250f I rode years ago.
  7. krausemouse

    Tough Mudder on the FX

    I'll buy one Glenn
  8. krausemouse

    '15 YZ-250FX review

    Had my second ride last night at an indoor riding facility in Wisconsin. I'm not a fan of jumps at all and prefer single track but have no choice right now. Not sure if this video will work but it shows some of how the bike works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fnXXK7IzwI I love this bike. I've never had a 250f before and am shocked at how much low-end it has. My last bikes were KTM 300s (2013 and 2009), 2010 Husaberg FE450, YZ450s - 2008,2006, 2002 and the infamous 1998 YZ450f. Here are some random notes/thoughts: •Goods – was very cold on the way to the place (5 degrees F) and even though I let it warm up some, there was frost on every metal part…it started perfectly. A guy on a new yz250f looked over in surprise as I poked the start button and said “NO WAY! AWESOME” •The front forks, at least for bumps and jumps are very good. I think far better than the WP forks I had. I weigh 195lbs without gear. •I tried all handlebar positions and like position 3. 4 (full forward) seemed fine too but I think mentally I was concerned it was too weird. •Cornered fine but was perfect dirt and I’m just getting used to it so hard to tell. •Mapping – the hard hitting map is definitely better for a MX/track environment with high traction. I doubt I'd run this map on the trails though. The GYTR programmer is finiky. I had to try numerous times to get it to load the maps and still not sure what I was doing wrong. I always got it to work though. •2015 YZ 250 FX: Hard Hitting •-2-1 0 / 2 2 2 •-2-2 0 / 2 3 2 •-1-2-2 / 1 3 2 • •The clutch is sooo light. It feels great and I don't miss the hydraulic clutches...at least not yet. •Very very resistant to stalling. Stalled two times all night because I was in way too high a gear when trying to cut into a sharp corner and slide the rear around. •Other than adjusting the sag, I won’t do anything until I get to hit the trails. I worry a bit about the weight in tight trails and will just have to see what it's like.
  9. krausemouse

    Help Me decide 2015 250FX or 2015 Beta 300rr

    Congrats. I know the agony of deciding and it feels so good to move on and start playing with the new machine.
  10. krausemouse

    Help Me decide 2015 250FX or 2015 Beta 300rr

    I am coming off a 2013 KTM 300XC and before that had an '09 300. For me, I just wanted to get back to a 4-stroke, probably just for something different. Different = fun. I agree with HSRider that if might be best to decide if you want to go 4T or 2T first. I've only ridden the FX once and right on the heels of trying a 2014 KTM 350XC. I loved the 4-stroke power characteristics compared to the 2T and that's what sold me. From there, all the rave reviews on the FX, especially the suspension, pushed me towards Yamaha over KTM. I've never ridden a BETA so can't comment on that. Having access to an electronic toy like the GYTR tuner also seems like something fun and easy to make the bike feel differently when needed.
  11. krausemouse

    YZ250FX ride report and setup.

    Great cover for the wires. I assume this is homemade but looks awesome. Appreciate any tips on how I can make on too! Thanks.
  12. krausemouse

    '15 YZ-250FX review

    I purchased an FX yesterday and rode it last night at an indoor MX arena (still cold as hell in MN/WI). I loved the bike. I'm coming off of a 2013 KTM 300XC. Prior to that a 2009 KTM 300 and a 2010 Husaberg 450. All great bikes and I've never had a 250f in my life. A couple thoughts: very strong power, even bottom end. Wasn't on trails but pretended a few times by creaping around slowly and it's very luggable and resists stalling. Stalls far less often than the 2014 KTM 350XCF I rode last week. The suspension, even being brand new and very cold from riding in the back of the truck to the arena, was super nice. The forks we far better than my KTM's, which were set up for me. I weigh 195 without gear. Fantastic bike!
  13. krausemouse


    How do you compare the 250FX to your KTM 2 stroke?
  14. Hey Lineman..., I've been wrestling with the same thing. I am on my second KTM 300 (this one a '13 XC) and love it but I've been toying with going back to a 4-stroke to have something a bit easier to ride in a 2-hour harescramble. Most of what I'm reading though makes me think the 250FX, while awesome, would be too big of a power difference...and require too much shifting where the 300 (and I think the 350) can be lugged more. Check out a review "Glenn 141" gave last week (can't remember which Forum subject is was) where he compared and contrasted his 2011 300 to his new FX. Granted, he's still getting used to his FX but it's a good perspective.
  15. krausemouse

    Picked up YZ250FX today

    awesome looking bikes. What conditions would you pick the 300 for and vice versa?