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  1. I have a 01 YZ426F and have some suspention questions. I weigh between 185 and 200 all year around and was wondering what PROGRESSIVE spring rate I need. Also do I need to go with the standard gold valves or should I go with the heavy duty? I plan on racing the bike periocally on supercross/ motocross tracs. Thanks for any input you guys are always knowledgeable.
  2. david857

    Lets see those 426's!

    hey man where did you find a yellow gas tank or what did you do about the blue tank?
  3. david857

    Seriously considering a 05 450

    Okay I just sold my 01 YZ 426 and am seriously looking at a lightly used RMZ450 05. I'm a college kid on a very tight budget so please tell me of any problems this year model may have had that could push me in the right direction. I just don't want a bike that has to many nit picky nooks and crannies. Thanks a lot fellas
  4. I was just wondering what year the Yamaha went to an aluminum frame and if it would make that big of a difference. I am 5ft. 10in. and weight 185 and work out all the time but the 426 just seems to be to much of a terd in terms of weight on the track. I love the bike in the woods but if anybody went from one of these to the new Yamaha could you please tell me if it's really worth spending the money?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
  5. Does anybody know where I can get a standard size gas tank for my 426 in Yellow or Black. I really wanna get that hurricane kit but can't find a tank to go with the rest of the plastics.
  6. david857

    Worst Products You Have Ever Bought?

    Oh yeah anything I have ever owned by MSR has sucked bad. Their radiator guards didn't come close to fitting correctly on my 426, there levers break, and their bark busters bend!!!!
  7. david857

    Worst Products You Have Ever Bought?

    Just wanted to say that i've been riding for 15 years and my O'Neals are the best pair of boots I have ever owned for the money I paid. I know Alpinestars are great i've had two pairs but for quality and price in the picture O'Neals are a great boot right now. I have a pair of O'Neal M-10 boots right now and they are my second pair and I have not had any problems with them at all. I also have a pair of O'Neal Hardware boots that are super comfortable. The only boot O'Neal had that DID SUCK BIG was the element but they revised it this year and it looks a whole lot more promising and is deffinetly more comfortable. So all i'm saying is don't totally count them out because I assure you they break in great and last if you take care of them.
  8. I just recently bought a set of Devol Guard/Braces for my 01426 and after only two or three low sides in the woods the lower bracket that mounts the radiator shroud to the bike is bent to shit. If i'm not clear enough on confusing i'm talking about the bottom bolt on the radiator shroud, where that screws in. Anyway I took the damn thing off and had to hammer it back out to flat. Just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with these guards in general and anyway I can fix this other than fabricating steel brackets.
  9. david857

    Finished 426

    well some of us aren't rich jerks that own 06 bikes. I'm in college and work full time but thanks anyway.
  10. david857

    Finished 426

    After a lot of clean up and some new plastics, graphic, and grip tape she looks almost new again. http://community.webshots.com/user/daviddemby Have a look and tell me what ya think!
  11. Dude go to XGXracing.com they have the sweetest graphics
  12. If anyone else is having trouble fouling plugs on the 426 I have found the solution that may work for you. First I changed the plug to an NGK CR7E. Second was I always turn off the gas and let it run for a couple minutes periodically reving it to burn off the excess gas. Third but not least is NEVER EVER EVER no matter what DO NOT give it gas while trying to start it. These simple steps have helped me have the same plug for a month where I use to change it every ride.
  13. david857

    426 starting issues

    First things first bro you need to check you fuel mix screw on the bottom of the carb. After that I recommed taking it out 1 and 3/4 and adjust from there. As for the starting issue try running one stage hotter plug in the bike. If it is a NGK CR8E run a CR7E. I have a 01 426 and it works great for me. Secondly when you pull in your decompression lever and set it to top dead center it is only actually about 2 to 3 inches! I was told in the past to go like half way down of more threw the kick but I found just barely pushing it puts the motor at top dead center and saves me a lot of head ache. Last but not least check your plug cap and make sure it isn't corroded at all. Good luck man.
  14. Rustoleum is suppose to have some great aluminum spray paint and I was just wondering if anybody had every tried to primer, paint, and clear coat a rim. Figured there was a fifty fifty chance it would stick and wanted to see if anybody was as crazy as me to try it.
  15. david857

    Dammed Dunlop! 756 RR's

    cyclegear bought every 756 left that tucker rocky had and are selling fronts for 44.99 and rears for 49.99 so there's an idea for all of you that are hooked as much as i am. I bought 6 sets for myself.