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  1. moswag

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Here's a picture of Gary saying goodbye to his like new 520 as he preps it for Chris' Sunday morning ride with Randy. More pictures from Michigan ride can be found here........http://s147.photobucket.com/albums/r292/moswag/
  2. moswag

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Big Rock is open on Saturday Sundays only unless you call and get them to open for you through the week (special rates will apply I am sure). Info on BR http://www.atvaonline.com/Ride/Maysville_KY.asp
  3. moswag

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Fletch-Big Rock is worth checking out. Cost to ride keeps going up I hear. I saw the Maysville Squad's Polaris 6x6 Ranger in action while at BR- as lots of squods (squids on quads) were there.
  4. moswag

    Ohio trails for ATVs and Bikes

    If you want to get dirty and get challenged go to Perry State Forest which is close to Wayne. Wayne is a nice place to ride but if you want challenged go to Perry.
  5. moswag

    Where to trail ride in Indiana??

    Go to Haspin. It's got a little of everything- good-bad and ugly (rock crawling hills). There is single track if you follow the fencelines. Be careful of the ravines because if you stall between the steep hills it may take a while to get out. I've ridden alot of places around here (live in Dayton OH area) and Haspin is the best (local) riding for the woods rider. Perry State Forest in OH is great as is the Red Bird Range in KY. Tennessee's Coal Creek is supposed to be better yet, I hope to find out this year.
  6. moswag

    Indianapolis Dealer Show

    Guys- what is the date-place and times of the show? Also, what does it take to get a credential to get in to this show? I would like to check it out. Thanks.
  7. moswag

    Need stock seat for 99 300xc

    I have one off of an '03. Seat foam and seat cover in good shape. I replaced mine with an EE seat. I will take $25 for it. Can send pics if needed.
  8. Get a Dirt Ride magazine and check out the last 10 pages. You could also go to their website and checkout their advertisers for links,
  9. moswag

    Haspin Friday 4/20/07?

    For those that have been to Haspin this week. Is this weekend's Hare Scramble course marked yet? I am thinking about hitting Haspin on Friday and would like to ride the course. Let me know tonight or the AM. Will hit Haspin noonish if I go for it.
  10. Spent the afternoon at Haspin today and was humbled by the elements (aka spent alot of time picking up the 300). The north facing slopes are still holding plenty of snow and the areas where the sun hits the slopes is super greasy. Stay out of the bottoms unless you are riding with a 4x4 quad with a tow rope. Note that the ice is still thick on the shaded bogs but is starting to thin-that's another story. Bottom line- You can get around but you have to be sure to pick lines that allow you a way out in case your current line turns to slime-age. Gary and Phil joined me for the grease 'fest. Phil used his EXC200 as a sled on a couple of slopes- was fun to watch. It was good to be on the bike again-first time since hernia surgery in December '06.
  11. moswag

    Cincinnati area woods/trail riders?

    HuskyRDR- I've been through Harveysburg a bazillion times and plan to boat Ceaser Creek some this summer with newly acquired Maxum boat. I have always wanted to ride down there. I know guys who rode the valley/lake prior to the flooding (yeh I'm old-45yrs). They said it was awesome riding right up to the time they flooded it. I ride year round too so PM sometime when you could show me around some of the local terrain. I'm on a EXC300 with a tag. Will be down next two weeks for hernia surgury but then hopefully back in action. Live northwest of Dayton in a burg called Laura.
  12. moswag

    Cincinnati area woods/trail riders?

    [i’m new to the area, and getting back into dirtbiking after 10 years away.] Motorthings- I was in same boat as you 1 year ago and have found Haspin to be a great local place to ride. It's better during non-peak periods but as Dale said you can go deep into the bowels and lose the hillbilly wagons, quads and even most bikes. Dale could be a tour guide at Haspin. I'm getting cut next week for a hernia repair so I'm out until mid Jan or so.
  13. moswag

    How tp open exhaust silencer for repack?

    OD- I took your suggestion. I heated things up with a rosebud, slipped the two back together, ran in a couple of sheet metal screws to hold the end cap and started over. It all came apart this time. I screwed myself by taking out the rivets from the end cap. Thanks for the tip. I am now repacked- used the loose stuff for my first attempt.
  14. moswag

    How tp open exhaust silencer for repack?

    Check out the pics and you will see my predicament. My local KTM mechanic is the one who told me to drill out the rivets. I've had others tell me also that the rivets stay, just take out the bolts. Have read other threads saying to use heat. Still trying to get my brain around what's inside the sleeve. Got to be a slip fit of one pipe into another to get the offset. I've noticed all newer exhaust pipes are straight with no bends. Thanks for the response.
  15. I need some help. I've got the muffler off but can't get the hockey stick exhaust to separate. Here's how far I've gotten: 1. I've drilled out the 4 rivets on the end cap 2. taken out the 3 bolts securing the aluminum skin to the SS pipe flange 3. Got the outer aluminum cover to move around 1/2" but am at a hard stop. The aluminum skin is starting to dance when I tap on the 2 aluminum mounting brackets in an effort to remove the skin from the core. In other words the aluminum has stopped moving over the core. In the meanwhile the stainless end cap is disappearing inside of the aluminum skin?? I am assuming the exhaust is a two piece deal- one piece slides into the other to form the hockey stick? I can't find any documentation to support this. I am leaving on Friday for a trip and would like to get the exhaust quieted down (we ride amongst free range elk!). Your suggestions would be appreciated. PS- I searched KTM talk and didn't find any strings that answered my question directly.