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    Ok, now that I'm torn down at TDC should the lobes on the cam look like /\ or like /\. Or should the decomp mechanism be toward the front or the rear of the bike?
  2. wiseguymobster

    Where do I find the D*@N gel seat for a DR350?

    just did a quick search, try the name travelcade.
  3. wiseguymobster


    Alright, Anybody listining, please validate my idea. I'm thinking it's possible that my timing is correct, however my camshaft is rotated 180 degrees the wrong way, anyone think this may be right before I begin my tear down?
  4. wiseguymobster


    Ok, so I did the tear down, checked/adjusted the valve clearance, new plug, battery charged, timing ok, still whir chug when starting, tried to pop start, used starter fluid, new gas and i'm at a loss. Would a starter progressively lose torque over time? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and even though bad tried to jump from truck again and same issue.
  5. wiseguymobster


    I was hoping a tear down would be my last option, however I think it may be what I have to do. Wiseco said to install the rigns offset with the gaps. The guy that helped me assembled the rings and he has rebuilt several bikes for the last 15 years. I trust his judgment, however this was his first dr. Any tricks?
  6. wiseguymobster


    It is a standard set up for the piston. Even after it was first installed it did sound tight while starting whereas before it would freely turn over the engine. The bike ran fantastic for the first and second ride with the exception of there being much more valve noise, or louder clicking than before. Today I removed the spark plug to check to see if it would more freely turn over and it did, however not like it used to before the piston mod. I'm wondering if my starter may be bad? Battery seems very strong when charged bright light etc. I have also removed the manual crank cover (the same one I used to turn the motor to find TDC when I did the rebuild) and turned it manually and it just seems to almost stick at TDC. It will go past and when it does it is much easier, however it does not seem to let up once reaching TDC again. This is the same position it will stick in with the elec. start. I can only get it to turn over even once by repeatadly pressing my e-starter, hope this additional info may help.
  7. wiseguymobster


    Hoping someone may be able to help me out on what seems to be a compression problem. Recently rebuilt top end and in the process replaced facotry piston with wiseco. Rode the bike twice however turned over slow when starting. Now (on my 96 dr350se) the starter fails to even turn over the motor even with a fully charged battery. I had to jump start it from my friends truck on day one to get it going. could this be a valve adjustment problem? Any help would be appreciated. (also no kickstarter avail for backup) The starter is engaged and getting juice, just not enough to turn over.