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  1. Last night I went with Burned's advice on on jetting (sort of) 165 main JD blue third clip. but went with 40 pilot instead of 38 as advised by Burned, quite reluctantly I might ad. The head cheese at flow commander central stands by his guns that pilot is too small if it wont adust properly above one turn. Was at 3/4 turn with 38 and am just at one with 40. Stated it should be near 2.5 turns which would put me at 5 sizes up from where I am at. Roughly.... red neck math of course.I have tried several different ways of installing air tube from fc with no change.I am all ears if fc users want to chime in on what I am missing.
  2. thank you sir. any books on fcr operation/function?
  3. needle as shipped from cpw. read enough to realize that replacement would be wise.if you were to take first stab what jd needle? what clip?pilot?main?fuel screw turns?would you prefer closer to 1 sec ap?i work for cat and have to set hyd systems all the time.i take best guess at set up and see what i got.i know SQUAT ABOUT THIS CARB.if you could tell me the relationship of pilot air jet to pilot jet and fuel screw i would cut off my left arm with taco bell spork.i know i sound like a little kid(why is the sky blue?) but things that dont function well cause me to spin out a little.if i dont know WHY they work its a little worse.
  4. Installed fcr on 06 drz. have some issues. stumble @ off idle and poor top end performance.For as poor as the two are it still does run quite well but it does remind me of a bad rash on my ass after a while.I have called JD for jet kit but no answer yet. Is there anything in particular i need to ask for and could you be so kind as to give me your take on where you would go as far as set up. thanks. 436cc with hot cams in & ex. 3X3, taffy mod @1.5 , carb as shipped from cpw 38 pilot, 160 main, flow commander, 2.5 turns on fuel screw.
  5. I know I should refer this to jetting dept. but .......what was the jetting on said beast.I have cams and bore in already and fcr is sitting on the bench next to the bike . Sooo I am wildly curious..
  6. Thank you sir.
  7. If not anybody know what planet to look on to find another?
  8. I'm sure it wont be the last time a company assemlbing this many parts will have a problem. It would appear to affect at least 65 s/n's though.Hopefully the number is low.Most i'm sure are under warranty but down time could drive one to drink..............more
  9. Both were off show room floor . PDI had not been done at time of purshase.
  10. I dont want to alarm but I feel this worth mentioning. I installed cams on one of two drzs's and when I went to remove the intake cam tower bolts the two bolts on the sprocket side were a turn and a half out. This caused the cam to ride slightly on its edge and wear a ring into surface of bucket. Not tragic at 150 miles but i am very glad to have found it that soon as total disaster could not have been far off. Cam chain tension im sure helped in keeping cam from walking higher but teeth on tensioner lock were damaged from stress.Replaced bucket and tensioner and all is good. s/n 101272 & 101237. If your in this ball park you may want to check this.
  11. I'm going to do this to a friends bike and i would like to know if any other parts are needed beyond drum and obvious gaskets? Freezing the crank allows for easy install into crank bearing on the side of case that is removed.Freon/134a works best as it is quick and easy. Not that i have ever or would do such a thing.
  12. Sold my 2000 same day for $4000 in sac. Used drz's are thin if none in Nor Cal. Kid that bought it was gonna drive to Clovis only other used bike he could find. Sellers market.
  13. where did you get you carb?
  14. run black rock once a year. about 8500 at peak. 4000 50 percent and almost sea level the other. typicaly run lean in valley to off set mountain the other. worst of both worlds. the long story is 2000 has served me well for last five years but sold it tioday and lone bike is 06. unfortunate acident found me repairimg bike from front to rear{hit hard while turning left ,new swing arm , sub frame and parts that would make you puke} while down i did mods i always thought were a wish list. if i had to back up still got stock bore. that is why i went with athena . i can back track if need be. stock bike has benn more than good to me. i'm old i do not have time to dick with this. once a month i piss away a weekend to refresh what is left of my sanity. family and property rules. if you guy's can spare me some time dicken with this pig............ no amount of thaqnks can be measured. raced bikes as a youngster and my will to rejet a carb is ...................well i got things to justify to the ol lady that aint motorbike related.........and at my age .................she is on the money........it sucks......you old married bastards know my story..... i dont have the time to dedicate to this for months. could be a dip shit fool grinning from ear to ear much sooner with a little advise.THANK YOU ALL................ COOL SITE ...READ FOR A LONG TIME .....FIRST INTERACTION WITH YA'LL
  15. jetting suggestions for 06 drz 436 hot cams stage one with stock 36 mikuni? dj kit and yosh full exhaust.thanks ya'll