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  1. foxracer08

    450exc vs 450sx?

    hi i dont know that much about ktm's. but im looking at a 450exc. but he says its a 450sx. tho only thing i can think of to tell the diffrence would be that the exc has a dual head pipe, and thast what it has or do the sx models come with that to? can you change that? and what other info good or bad can you tell me about this bike? thanks
  2. foxracer08

    yz400 popping

    hi i just bought a 1999 yz400 and it has some where between 10-20 hours on it. and when i give it gas and then let off it, it back fires and pops...is this normal?? thanks nate
  3. foxracer08

    yz426 carbs?

    i am looking at a very nice 2001 yz426. i heard that they have problems with their carbs?? and i also heard that if u modify them they dont run right...anything will help thanks nate
  4. foxracer08

    yz400f vs yz426

    i was looking at both a yz400 and a yz426 i was just wondering how big of a diffrence there is between these bikes...any help will help me.
  5. foxracer08


    i only weigh about 145lbs after a thanksgiving dinner...lol if im that lite does that make a diffrence?
  6. foxracer08


    i jus sold my quad and i am looking at a 2001 250f. it has full yoshi exhaust new valves, springs. he says that it has just been putted around with his son on his 65sx. he will take 2000$. Will this give me enough power for the dunes/ trails?? anything will help thanks. nate
  7. foxracer08

    Oregon trails videos.

    looks like a blast! i just bought my yz426. im located in hillsboro. let me know the next time u are goin to go for a ride.
  8. foxracer08

    whats your #?!

    my # is 397. it came on the bike